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That heartbeat is at the upper edge of the normal range.

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What does it mean if baby's heartbeat is 170 at 12 weeks?

you're having a girl

Does a heartbeat at 172 beats per minute at 11 weeks mean it is a girl?

No. It could be a boy or a girl.

Is it normal for a 12 year old girl to have her period for 2 weeks?

its normal for 3 days but 2 weeks no thanks

Baby heart rate is 148 bps in 28 week what will you have a girl or a boy?

My babys heart rate is 148 at 28 weeks. I'm having a girl.

What is heartbeat rate 8 years old girl?

65 to 80 beats per minute that is the normal rate

Does a fetal heartbeat of 160 bpm at 30 weeks mean you are having a girl?

No, it means your baby's heartrate is within normal limits. You're having a girl if your baby has two X chromosomes... And the only way to tell is to look between her legs.. Everything else is susperstition.

How girl betta have babys?

yes they do

Does a girl have a faster heartbeat than a boy?

That's what I was told by several people. When we had a 9 week ultrasound the heartbeat was 167 and everyone said it was probably a girl. But they didnt tell us that the heartbeat can change further along in the pregnancy. Now our babys heartbeat is in the 150s and at the 20 week ultrasound we found out we were gonna have a baby boy. I was for sure it was gonna be a girl. With all the wives tales and the heartbeat and the Chinese calendar. But until you see the ultrasound on a high def machine you just don't know. I was thrilled when they told us our baby was healthy though. I think you just have to be thankful for what you get because not all people get to experience pregnancy.

You are 17 weeks and your babies heart beat is 160 beats a minute what does this mean?

means you are most likely having a girl. usually the higher the heartbeat its a girl 150-170=girl 130-150= boy

What if fetus heartbeat is 183 is it a boy or girl?

A girl

Your baby has a heartbeat of 182 is it a boy or a girl?


Baby's heartbeat 177 boy or girl?


Is it normal for a 13 year old girl to have her period for more than two weeks?

No, it isn't! See a doctor, girl!)

What is the heartbeat pulse for a 17 year old girl?

There is a large range of normal pulse rates for each age group. For a 17 year old girl, a resting pulse rate between 60 and 100 would be considered normal.

What is sex of baby by heartbeat?


If the heartbeat of fetus is very fast then it is boy or girl?


What is the normal weight of a baby girl at thirty seven weeks?

2859 grams, 19.13 inches

What is does menstruation indicate about girl?

she is ready to make babys

Is it normal for a teenage girl to have her menstruation last for three weeks?

i think not because you should be to young to be on your period

What is that old wives tale about the baby's heartbeat?

If the heartbeat is under 140, its a boy. If it over 140, its a girl!

Does kit the American girl doll have a stroller?

No, but the bitty babys' do

Can a girl be pregnant for ten months?

No, the normal gestation period is nine months (40 weeks) and medical intervention would be made after around 42 weeks.

Can a girl have puberty?

yes of course how else could we make babys (p.s. im a girl)

Your unborn baby heartbeat is 153 what is the sex?


When your pregnant does a boy or girl have a faster heatbeat?

A baby girl usally has a faster heartbeat.