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Yes, that is a very normal heartbeat for a fetus. I have had 3 children & pregnant with my 4th & my 1st 3 kids heartbeats were in the 160's. All girls. This baby though I am pregnant with is ranging 140's to 150's. Your baby has a good strong heartbeat. Good Luck!

A normal heart rate for a fetus is 120-160.

At my first ultrasound I was 10 weeks 5 days and my babies heart beat was slows down throughout pregnancy.

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Q: Is 167 a normal heartbeat for a fetus?
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Is 170 a normal heartbeat for fetus?

Normal heartbeat of the baby is 140 to 160 per minute. Heartbeat that fast can be caused by increased temperature,pain or that baby was crying when you get it.

What is the heartbeat of 7week and 5 days fetus?

Between 145 and 180 are the normal range (on average).

What is a normal fetal heartbeat at 27 weeks pregnant?

Normal heart rate for a fetus is from 120-180 beats per minute. It will vary with fetal age, activity, and whether or not the fetus is asleep.

What is the normal heartbeat of a male fetus?

if the heart rate is less than 140 beats per minute

Does a fetus have a heartbeat?

Yes. All fetuses have a heartbeat, they're all happy. Hi Franky, Gustavo, and Alexis ! I told you a fetus has a heartbeat, it's in the answer. ;D

Ultrasound detect heartbeat in a fetus?

yes, you can see the heartbeat on an ultrasound.

What does a fast fetus heartbeat mean?

Fast fetus heartbeat may mean lack of oxygen inside or fetal your answer here...

Is 178 a normal heartbeat for a fetus?

yess my babies heartbeat was 176 at my first ultrasound. It slows down the farther along you get until its ready to beat on its own without your help after you have the baby.

When is a heartbeat detectable in a fetus?

By 7 weeks

What if fetus heartbeat is 183 is it a boy or girl?

A girl

What drug can produce slow heartbeat in the fetus?


Is it possible that the fetus with no heartbeat will be alive again in the womb?


What is healthy male fetus heartbeat?

There is no true variance in the Male or Female fetus. Depending on how far along in the pregnancy, the heartbeat should be anywhere from 110 to 170 BPM.

Is 198 heartbeat for a 9 week fetus too high?

It does seem a little too high, with the upper limit of the normal range being 170.

What is normal size of bladder in fetus?

What is normal size of bladder in fetus

If the heartbeat of fetus is very fast then it is boy or girl?


What is heart rate of foetus 7 weeks and 3 days?

A normal heartbeat of a fetus at 6-7 weeks would be 90-110 beats per minute.

Does a 5 week fetus already has a heartbeat?

yes It has a heartbeat but it may not be visible until until the 6th or 7th week.

Can you still feel a heartbeat after miscarriage?

i doubt it there should be a fetus anymore.

When does the fetus develop a heartbeat?

In a fetus, the heart starts beating by the fifth week of the gestation period. This is also when it divides into chambers.

Is 167 over 87 blood pressure normal?

my blood pressure is 167/87 is this normal

Does a fetus have a heartbeat at 4 weeks?

Fetuses have a Doppler detectable normal fetal rate at about 11 weeks. For more information and a week-by-week breakdown of your pregnancy, follow the link:

When does a fetus get a heartbeat?

Around week 5. Week 6 is when you can hear it in a ultrasound.

Can you see the fetus on scan at 8 weeks?

Yes you can also see the heartbeat.

Is something wrong if I'm 7 weeks pregnant and fetus has an irregular heartbeat?