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A minor cannot decide with whom they wish to live. It would be necessary for the father to give the minor permission to move in with the relative and provide for the minor's support if that is allowed. In lieu of that, the relative would have to file a petition with the court to be granted custody or guardianship.

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Q: You are 16 and you live with your dad but you want to live with your nan can you do this?
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You are 16 your dad has custody you want to to live with your mom?

you are 16 dad has custody you want to live with your mom Okay ^^^ I want to know can I go live with my mom I am 16 and my dad has custody

If you live with your nan and want to leave can social services get you a flat at the age of 16?

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You are 15yrs 6 months you live in UK you want to live at your boyfriends house he is 16 and lives with his nan how do you stand if she says you can stay?

It is not her decision to make. Nor is it yours, as you are still a minor.

You live with your mom and you want to live with your dad. You are 16 and your mom doesn't want to let you go. What age can you just go to your dad's and she cant stop you?

Its a very strange question but maybe if you live with your mum for 3 years and your dad for 3 years taking turns? please reply LiDz KiTTy

You want to move out of mom's and in with my father but I'm only 16 and my mom won't let me how can I do it?

talk to a judge and tell him/her that you don't want to live with your mom no more!! tell them why and tell them you want to live with your dad!!

You are 16 and want to live with may dad?

In most states you have to be 18 to choose so it depends on if your parents let you decide.

Your son is 16 he does not want to ever live with his dad again his dad has custody of him but he has been living with you for 2 years now can the father make him come live with him?

Yes, if his dad has custody of him. You might need to go to court again to get custody of your son, so he won't have to live with his dad. Good luck and God Bless:)

Im 12 years old I live in tx with my dad can I legally go live with my brother if my dad wont let me?

No you can't. Your parents are in charge of you until you are 18. Some states will let a person decide where they want to live at 16, but not all of them.

My mum and my step dad split and we now want to marry i am 16 Can i marry my step dad?

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Can you move in with your dad at 16 and take everything from your mom's house with you?

My son want's to live with his father he is 16yrs old he has been living with me for the 4 weeks?

There are no custody papers you are 16 years old and want too live with your dad your dad has been in rehab could he still win the custody battle?

If he shows a clear pattern of improvement. see links

Can a 16-year-old who is living with his dad move out and live with his mom?

I'm assuming Dad has custody. If so, then Mom would have to petition the court for a change of custody. At 16, the court would allow you to tell the judge who you want to live with and they will take that (along with other things) into consideration when making the final decision.

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