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Yes it is possible, I had mine tied, but i regret it more than anything i have ever done my entire life...and its only been 2 1/2 years, there are so many side effects to a TL that the doctors never tell you about....and you never know how your life will change....So PLEASE think long and hard before you make your decision!!! I had one miscarriage and then the year after I carried my son full-term...when he turned 2 yrs old, I got a tubal NC! I was 24 though?? It shouldn't matter as long as you are of legal age which is 18 right? Goood Luck girl!! Yes, there are no laws that dictate a woman's health choices, this includes women who are married and whose spouse objects to a wife's decision.

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Q: You are 20 years old fixing to have your second child can you have your tubes tied in North Carolina?
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