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I would be concerned about a heavy bleed so early on in a pregnancy. You do need to get checked out by a gynaecologist to double check that you are still pregnant, as you may have miscarried. It could just be that your period was due about the same time and you bled as you normally would and the pregnancy could still be fine. However, I think it's probably best you get checked by a Dr. if your 5 weeks pregnant and bleeding heavy you should go to your doctor as soon as possible--sorry to said this may be you had a miscarriage or any thing serious--any time a women bleed durning pregnancy is not normal--please get your check out but its can also be old blood but to make sure go get check out asap---good luck

2006-08-14 15:03:18
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Is it normal to have period bleeding while pregnant?

I went to the doctors and found out i was 6-7 weeks, but i woke up this morning to bleeding as if it was my period should i be worried??

Im pregnant and you were bleeding?

You don't say how far along you are or how much bleeding. Spotting is not uncommon and especially during implantation. If you are worried and bleed a lot contact your doctor.

Bloating with bleeding during early pregnancy?

Go and see a doctor you can have bloating while pregnant you can bleed while pregnant the bleeding is a period some women have periods while pregnant if your worried go see a doctor good luck! From pink princess

Could you be pregnant if you skipped a month and a half only to have heavy bleeding?

It can be caused my irregular periods or the pill if you are worried go see a doctor

Can you still be pregnant if was spotted and then the next 2 days you had heavy bleeding then you spotted again?

No,its not possible.If you are worried see a doctor for pregnancy test

You are 20 weeks pregnant and have light bleeding and lower abdominal pains should you be worried?

Yes, You would be wise to see a doctor about it as soon as possible.

My pad 2 3rd filled with blood can it be implantation bleeding will i be pregnant im very scared help me?

If your pad is filling up with blood, it is most likely your normal monthly cycle. You do not bleed when pregnant. If you are worried about your bleeding, you need to visit your doctor or local health dept.

Should you be worried if you are bleeding from your rectum?


21 weeks pregnant and leaking blood from one nipple?

How can you not be worried when you're bleeding from a body part that doesn't normally bleed? Please, see a doctor.

Can you shed your uterine lining and have a normal heavy period if your pregnant?

No if you are pregnant the uterus is closed so the lining is still in there. Some spotting can still be during the pregnancie though but not heavy bleeding. If you are worried go to your doctor.

Im pregnant but having ovulation pains should i be worried?

No, this is normal. It is pains from your uterus stretching. If you notice any bleeding though, go and see your doctor or midwife

You are nine weeks pregnant and have been experiencing light bleeding for the past three days No cramping though but you are a little worried what should I do and does this mean that I have miscarried?

go to the doctor dummy

Bleeding in early pregnancy?

I had bleeding very early in my pregnancy. I went to the ER and they done a routine ultrasound and it showed that i was pregnant with twins. It's very possible that it's implantation bleeding. ALOT of pregnant women experience bleeding and its completely normal. If you begin to pass clots, then i'd really worry. I'm currently 20 weeks with my twins and just experienced bleeding again and really got worried, but everything was fine. Some women bleed their whole pregnancies!

You took Depo-Provera 2 months ago and haven't stop bleeding since Could you be pregnant?

Signs of pregnancy are no bleeding and a positive pregnancy test. Bleeding is a common side effect of Depo Provera, as noted in the patient information pamphlet. Take a pregnancy test if you're worried.

What are good friendship quoets for picnik?

Remember, Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday....

Is bleeding while pregnant normal I recently went to a pregnancy testing clinic and the nurse told me that my urince test came positive and 3 weeks laterim bleeding wno crampin or nothan is itnormal?

Answer guess your having a period while pregnant then its fine if you are worried go back to the clinic or go and see a doctor. From Pink Princess

You had unprotected sex on the 1st of September and tested on the 20th it was negative then you had sex and started to bleed then stopped bleeding can you still be pregnant?

It's unlikely but still possible, get a second pregnancy test if your worried

What does the quote Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday mean?

Stop worrying and ENJOY LIFE!

Is bleeding at 30 weeks pregnant something to worry about?

some women have periods while pregnant just go see a doctor straight away and see if everything is fine Are you an idiot?!! Some women bleed while pregnant but no women have their period! If you found blood I would simply monitor it and see that you dont continue bleeding and that it doesnt progress, if so, I would see your doctor. I myself have experienced bleeding at 30 weeks (after intercourse). I am waiting to see if there are any changes but not worried.

Are you pregnant if you had a normal period?

Probably not, but test if you are worried.

Can you miss your period and the next month have implantation bleeding?

Yes, irregular bleeding can occur with the implant. However if you are worried, best to see you GP

Are diarrhea and cramping and a short period a signs of pregnancy?

If you have a period, then you are not pregnant. Diarrhea and cramping can be side affects of menstruation. If you are worried that you are bleeding in a way that doesn't seem like a regular period, you ought to consult a gynecologist.

How can you make yourself feel pregnant if your not?

Certainly you can. Especially if you're worried that you really might be pregnant.

Does vaginal bleeding happen during the same time your period should be?

The most common vaginal bleeding occurs during your period. However,they have been reports of women spotting during ovulation or during pregnancy. If you are worried you might be pregnant, by all means take a home pregnancy test.

Could you be pregnant you're on shots but my babydaddy produced inside of me and I'm worried that it could be a miscarriage cause you been bleeding for almost a month?

Your question is unclear. If you are concerned go to a doctor. First of all, you should've seen the doctor weeks ago if you've been bleeding for almost a month. Second, yes you can be pregnant since no birth control is 100% sure. So don't be scared and go see the doctor because if you don't and it is a miscarriage you will get infections if the uterus isn't cleaned out of the remains. If you are not pregnant you need to find out why you are bleeding.