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You are 5ft 8 with a large frame what should you weigh?

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man 150 lbs. Woman 118.

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You are a 5ft 4 woman with large frame what should you weigh?

what should a 5ft 5 woman with a large frame weigh? Thank you for your support!

You are 5FT 2IN what should you weigh?

125-130 For a little more information, if u are a smaller or medium frame, you should weigh between 118-132. This goes for males and females.

How much should a 5ft 2in girl weigh?

if you are a girl that is 5ft and 2in, don't worry about your weight. you are beautiful the way you are.... but if you really want to know how much you should weigh, you should weigh about 75-106lbs because i weigh 75lbs and i am 11 and i am 5ft 2 in

How much should you weigh if im 14 and 5ft 3?

if your 14 and your 5ft 3 you should weigh about 7 stone 8 lbs.

How much should you weigh if your 14 and are 5ft 8?

I myself am a 14 year old 5ft 8 in male you should weigh about 150 or 160 if muscular

You are 5ft how much should you weigh?

you should wiegh between 98-100 pounds and you're 5ft tall

If you are 11 and weigh 5ft how much should you weigh?

you should weigh about 90-140 if your fat you must weigh 140-160

How much should a 10 yr 5ft girl weigh?

I should weigh 35 - 38 Kgs

Average weight for a 5ft girl?

The average weight for a woman that is 5 feet tall should weigh between 98 and 106 pounds. This measurement is for women that have a small frame.

If you were 13 yr old and your height is 5ft how much should you weigh?

If you are a boy, you should weigh at least 84 pounds.

How much should someone of 5ft 10 tall weigh?

For someone of 5ft 10 inches: Under weight= 132 pounds Target weight= 153 pounds Over weight= 173 pounds *Also you need to realize your body frame. Some people have big bones and will weigh more, some people have a fragile build and will weigh less*

How much should an active 14 year old girl weigh if she is 5ft 3in?

You should weigh about 100-115. I am 12 years old,but I have always been one of the tallest in my class I am a girl. I weigh about 110. I am 5ft 3in to.

How much should a 13 yea old weight and 5ft 8?

13, for male: 5ft8 Probably around, hmm, 130-169 pounds? 130-141 Small frame 139-154 Medium frame 151 - 169 Large frame

You are 5ft 9in what should you weigh?

one hundred forty-five pounds

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