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You may bring her to India as a Tourist

Shes needs to stay in India for at least 40 days before you can file for marriage

She needs to carry with her a certificate of no-objection from her country/embassy

and other certificates of proof of birth etc.

You can mail me at cause i am on similar grounds

I suggest you see this site or contact this man. He is on verge of marrying a filipina girl.

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When can you say that the couple already achieved the success in marriage?

When they obtain the marriage certificate.

Can you get a copy of your marriage license if you are already divorced?

In the United States you can obtain a copy of your Certificate of Marriage from the Town or County Clerk's office in the town where you were married.

How do you register my marriage in Tamil Nadu?

I am kabali from tamil nadu, my marriage already finish, now we want registration certificate, could you tell me information. kabali tamil nadu

How do you find out if your boyfriend is already married?

ask himlook up marriage records/certificateif you're desperate, ask his friendsagain, if desperate, check social networking sites

Why marriage break?

Marriage break when they could not love each other already .

What happens if you marry a woman who is already married in the Philippines?

Your marriage is invalid. You cannot legally marry a woman who is already legally married in the Philippines.Your marriage is invalid. You cannot legally marry a woman who is already legally married in the Philippines.Your marriage is invalid. You cannot legally marry a woman who is already legally married in the Philippines.Your marriage is invalid. You cannot legally marry a woman who is already legally married in the Philippines.

How do you access marriage records if you already forgot the date of the actual marriage?

Are you actually wondering WHY your not married anymore, considering you already forgot the date?!?!

Is these serial number of gold certificate already retrieved a00020113a?


Is it bigamy if you have a marriage ceremony but did not get a marriage license?

Bigamy is when a person is already married and marries someone else, and the second marriage is void.

How do you get a certified copy of an earlychildhood certificate?

If you are trying to obtain a copy of an already existing certificate, and that certificate was completed at a college or university, you must contact the Office of the Registrar at the institution you were enrolled at.

How do you gain custody over your child if the father does not sign the birth certificate?

If the father did not sign the birth certificate, then you already have sole custody.

If you are already married can the two of you get married again in another state?

No. You would need to apply for a marriage license in which you attest to your marital status. The license would not be issued if you are already married. If you succeeded in obtaining a marriage license by some fraudulent means, the second "marriage" would be invalid since you are already married.

If you married someone who was already married in Texas is your marriage legal?

NO !

What is a certificate degree and what types of certificate occupations are there?

A certificate is not a degree. It does not meet the course or credit requirements of a degree. Still, there are many types of certificate programs particular to specific areas, some of which are designed to supplement an already existing degree. I just depends on the type of certificate, its scope and purpose.

Can a marriage be void by a secret marriage before?

Yes. If a person is already married in the United States any subsequent marriage would be null and void legally unless the prior marriage had been terminated by a court decree. However, it would also be a criminal offense for the person who knew they were already married.

If an already married Swedish couple have a second marriage in Oregon with a valid reverend must they obtain an Oregon marriage licence?


Your marriage certificate has the wrong date of your wedding and you were wondering if this is something that you need to change or will it not be a problem?

I work in a town office. Probably not a problem but I would have it corrected anyway. You'll probably need to go through the state you live in if it has already been filed.

Is there a legal marriage license when mormons got to the temple?

If a Mormon couple is going to be married or "sealed" in the temple, they will need a valid legal marriage license (or a valid legal marriage certificate, if they have already been married) for the state or country where the temple is located. The laws vary from country to country, but the Church considers a 'sealing' to be a marriage and therefore will not perform the ceremony without legal consent to perform a marriage ceremony, or without official proof that the couple is already recognized as legally married. If you have questions on exactly what legal forms are necessary, call the temple and ask what the requirements are in your state or country. To participate in other services or ceremonies in the temple, you do not need to be married.

Did eun hye already married?

No, I think her Marriage to Tablo will be the first.

What was controversial about Mary Shelleys marriage?

her husband was already married when they eloped

What was controversial about Mary Shelley marriage?

her husband was already married when they eloped

Do women need an International Transfer Certificate in football?

no they do not becuase they should already have one. :)

Why was Shakespeare forced into marriage?

He wasn't forced into marriage. He wanted to marry Anne. But they had to hurry up with the wedding because she was already pregnant.

Can you marry in a church if already married as a moslem?

You cannot get married if you are already married. A church may be willing to bless your marriage.

What happens to your current marriage if you married someone who was already married to someone else?

You are not married. If a person knowingly marries someone while already married then he has committed bigamy. The second marriage is invalid. It is null and void.