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Maybe its coz you have been dating all the wrong guys all this time (seems like that coz you've not settled down in a long-term relationship yet ) and he is concerned about you (true friend get like that sometimes ) I'm not sure if he likes you though (I have a friend who has dated really bad guys and I'm concerned for her but I don't have feelings for her)but if you like him then go ahead and tell him you like him and I doubt he'll say no but remember if you mess things up, you'll be loosing a good friend, on the other hand , you probably know him better than any other guy and vice versa, so there is a good chance that your relationship will last quite awhile.

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Q: You are attracted to a male friend who has a habit of being very negative about other guys you have gone out with does this mean he might be jealous?
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He asked if my friend likes me is he jealous of my friend I asked if he was jealous he said no?

Its unlikely that he would admit to being jealous. He's asking because he's obviously showing an interest!

What does it mean when you dream about being jealous?

That would depend on what you are jealous of. If you are jealous of another girl, perhaps it is a sub-conscious fear that your man is attracted to her. If you are jealous of another persons possessions, maybe it is just that you have a innate feeling that you aren't doing well enough in life.

What will a guy do if he is jealous of you talking to a guy friend?

I would just tell him too cool it cause we are just friends and he is just being jealous.

When your friend lies to you bout your crush asking you out?

Then he/she is not being a good friend.Maybe because there jealous

What do you do when your lesbian girlfriend's negative body image makes her jealous instead of attracted to you?

I, being a strait woman, am not entirely sure how to answer this question. But, if I were you, I would try to make your girlfriend FEEL as beautiful as posible. I'm sure you, being her girlfriend, think that she is beautiful, so let her know that.

If your friend had attractions to guys but wants to be with you is he in love with you and not guys?

Being attracted to guys means nothing relative to whether he loves you. If he loves you and wants to be with you, then it is no different to you being attracted to someone else but being with him.

What to do if your boyfriend makes friend with another girl?

Don't be jealous, she is only his friend. After all: You can meet boys and be friends with them without being their girlfriend.

How do you make your frend jealous?

The person you want to make jealous is not your friend. A friend is someone with whom you have a bond of mutual affection, personal regard and who you like and enjoy being with. All the feelings associated with true friendship are positive and supportive. You would not seek to burden your friend with jealousy.

How do you make you boy friend jealous if he is with his ex?

Do things with the new person that you are with, which will result in him being jelous usually.

How is being negative good?

Being negative is not always good, but sometimes it is. Like if somebody asks you to do drugs, you should be negative about it. And if your friends are mean to you, you can be negative and say you don'y want to be their friend. That's okay (being negative) because they showed wrong actions.

How can you stop being jealous of your sweet preety friend?

Well first of you need to accept your flaws and realize that are good the way you are. You need to be happy for that friend and realize that being jealous of them isn't going to change you, or them. Try looking at all your good qualities that he/she doesn't have and think about how you're lucky too.

Im married and im attracted to my husbands friend?

Don't do it, cheating and being unfaithful is wrong as marriage is sacred.

What do you do if your best friend is jealous of you?

If your best friend is jealous of you and likes to start crap first of all she is not a true friend I learned this the hard way but if she doesn't she may not be jealous she may admire you and then think that oh she's a great person and there's nothing wrong with that what so ever dear she just simply admires you but like I said if she gets mad at u for getting all the guys or for being pretty she or he is not a true friend

Is being jealous a inherited trait?

Is being jealous a inherited trait?

Can you mess around with your friend without being a lesbian?

Sure. Lesbian means identifying with the concept of being attracted primarily or only to women. If you're sexually attracted to your friend, you might be lesbian, pansexual, bisexual, etc. You don't have to be sexually attracted to them to fool around, so you might even be straight or asexual. You define your orientation, not the people you have sex or a sexual relationship with.

How do plants absorb cations from the soil?

The roots release hydrogen ions into the soil, leaving a negative charge in the roots. The cations, being positively charged, are attracted to the negative charge.

I have a best friend and i always find myself talking about sexual things around her and for some reason i think i might be in love with her but i don't want to be a lesbian what should i do?

As long as you are still attracted to guys - and it sounds like you are - then you're not a lesbian. Being a lesbian means only being attracted to girls. If you're attracted to guys, you can only be straight or bisexual. If you are attracted to guys, and are also attracted to your friend, that would make you bisexual. As far as what you should do about being in love with her goes, if it's really love, there's no way around it. But it seems like you like guys and thought you were straight, so you can dismiss the worry of being a lesbian.

What phobia is the fear of being jealous?

There does not appear to be a scientific term to specifically describe the fear of being jealous. Zelophobia is the fear of 'jealousy', but it is unclear whether this applies to a fear of being jealous of others, or a fear of others being jealous of you. It may apply to both.

What does hedro sexual mean?

That's heterosexual. Heterosexual means being attracted to the opposite sex (men being attracted to women, women being attracted to men). As opposed to homosexual, which means being attracted to the same sex (men being attracted to men, and women being attracted to women). The prefix "hetero" means "different," and "homo," means "same."

What should I do if I am dating this guy but my friend doesn't want me to go out with him?

Tell your friend to stop being jealous and to go find her own boyfriend. She obviously wants him. (Or your stupid and the guy sucks)!

How many sexualities are there?

There are many sexualities. Not all are offical, but here are some. List of Sexualities! · Homosexuality-being attracted to the same sex. · Heterosexuality-being attracted to the opposite sex. · Bisexuality-being attracted to both sexes. · Pansexuality-has no preference; gender is not important (also known as polisexuality and omnisexuality.) · Objectumsexuality-being attracted to inanimate objects. · Zoosexuality-being attracted to animals. · Glamsexuality-being attracted to people with a high level of glamour. · Trisexuality-being attracted to the opposite sex, same sex and animals. · Pomosexuality-just has attraction, is not labeled as a sexuality. · Sapiosexuality-being attracted to people with a high level of intelligence. · Asexuality-being attracted to nothing; no-one. · Autosexuality-being attracted to oneself. · Bicuriosity-being straight, but likes the same sex on the side. · Pedosexuality-being attracted to prepubescent children. · Androsexuality-being attracted to older people. · Gynesexuality-being attracted to older women. · Sociosexuality-to only be attracted without love involved. · Sadosexuality-being attracted to only painful sexual activities. · Ehsexuality-being only attracted to Canadians. · Buysexuality-being attracted to shopping as a sexuality. · Transsexuality-feeling in the wrong gender so therefore likes the same gender. · Genderqueer-feels as if they are man and woman, or a third sex.

How do you deal with being attracted to your friend's girlfriend or boyfriend?

3some. Answer Attraction is only that, attraction. If it's really your friend you get over it and forget about it.

Is it good to be jealous?

I think being jealous is okay but i think so many people get wound up about being jealous of one person that they chose to not like the person because they are either jealous of what they have or jealous of who they yes it is okay to be jealous but no its is not okay to be cruel to someone over jealousy! :)

What can you do if a friend becomes jealous and competitive.?

Haha, I go through the same thing. I really hate it when my friend gets jealous and competitive but I usually turn the tables on her. If she says something or does something competitive just say like "Why do you want to compete with me." , "Your know in friendship, friends are equal" or you just say to him or her "What do I do/Stop being jealous". Or you can compete back but it just leaves trouble in the end.

Should you be jealous if you have a great relationship with your boyfriend but last Saturday but he wanted to take pictures with an old friend which is a female?

Yes, if you want him to resent and ultimately leave you, being jealous of that would be an excellent way to start the process.