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Q: You are currently taking various med s for BD and PTSD like lithium ativan and Prozac and you wanted to know if there is anything over the counter that can help with mood swings and tiredness?
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Where can lithium be currently found?

In lakes

What elements are similar to lithium?

Lithium has similar properties with anything in Group 1 on the periodic table.

Can you buy lithium supplements over the counter?

Lithium is only available by prescription. It has many side effects and should only be used under close supervision of a physician.

What type of battery is currently used with notebooks?

Lithium Ion Battery

What painkillers can you take while on lithium?

Anything that doesn't have anti inflammatories in them. They mess with your lithium levels. No neurofen or solpadine

Which is currently the most common laptop battery?

Lithium ion (Li-Ion)

How plentiful is lithium?

Like anything else it could run out?

Where online can one purchase a lithium ion rechargeable battery?

Amazon has a variety of lithium ion rechargeable batteries available. One such battery is called Casio NP-80 Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery. It is currently in stock at $14.99.

What is the ionic compound name for lithium and argon?

Argon is an inert gas, and an inert gas does not want to combine with anything else. There is no compound name for a lithium and argon compound because there is no lithium and argon compound.

Does argon react with anything?

it reacts with hydrogen and lithium and unknown elements

How does lithium affect central nervous system?

Chemical salts of lithium are used as mood stabilizers to treat bipolar disorder. Lithium is effective in treating depression and mania, and has been proven to possibly reduce the risk of suicide. It produces no obvious euphoric effects. Lithium's mechanism of action, however, is currently unknown.

When is lithium found in a pure form?

When you refine it from its ionic form and keep it well away from anything it reacts with. Otherwise, lithium is too unstable to be pure.

Is lithium-220 used in a dirty bomb?

Lithium-220 does not exist. Lithium is a very light element, It only occurs naturally as Lithium-6 and Lithium-7, which are both stable. All other isotopes have halflives shorter than one second, and thus would decay too fast to be usable in anything.

Why is a lithium ion less reactive than lithium atom?

Let me start off by saying that the Lithium ion is not less reactive than the Lithium atom. In fact, Li+ is far more reactive than the Lithium atom, which is why it does not exist in its free state. Lithium ions tend to combine with anything it comes into contact with. However, it has a more stable electronic configuration than the Lithium atom, resembling that of a Noble gas(in the case of Li, it is Helium), which is why 1+ is the preferable oxidation state of Lithium.

Where is the lithium triangle?

The lithium triangle is located from the mines connected from "Chile's and Argentina's salt flats, or salars. A new mine currently under construction will tap the large resources in Bolivia's Salar de Uyuni." This are the three islands that make up the Lithium Triangle.

Which type of battery that is currently used in laptop computers provides the longest battery life?

Lithium Ion (Li ion)

Lithium be ok with slim and save diet?

You should always speak with your physician before starting any medications, including over the counter or dietary supplements.

What materials are found in lithium?

Lithium is an element, thus it isn't made of anything, apart from 3 protons, 3 neutrons and 3 electrons. It is the third lightest element, and is in the first period of the alkali metals

Is lithium carbonate the same as lithium used in batteries?

Yes. All lithium is the same: the element lithium (Li). Lithium carbonate itself is not typically used in batteries however. You can have lithium metal (neutral) or lithium ions (positively charged). Lithium carbonate is composed of lithium ions, and there are actually both lithium ions and lithium metal in batteries.

Is it safe to take lithium carbonate with Lexapro?

Yes since that is what I am currently taking. I am on the max doseage of Lithium have been for over a yr and just started Lexapro today so I dont think my Dr would of put me on something that would kill me.

What is the name of Li AsO43?

The correct formula is Li3AsO4, and is lithium arsenate. NOTE: The 3 and 4 are supposed to be subscripts, but that feature is currently not working.

Is there any over the counter drug like lithium?

Yes there is, any drug in general could be considered as "over the counter" judging by the wide range of various effects each of them have to offer, heroin and cocaine, both being at the top of the drug chart when it comes to danger

What is the chemical formula for lithium hypoiodite?

LiIO = Lithium hypoiodite LiIO2 = Lithium iodite LiIO3 = Lithium iodate LiIO4 = Lithium periodate

You are currently taking Lithium before bed Prozac midday and you are on the NuvaRing you are always tired you have gained a lot of weight you are always depressed Is this an unhealthy combination?

There is no problem with the combination. Fatigue and weight gain can be from the lithium the Prozac or from the depression they treat. I suggest discussing it with your doctor.

What class of drug is lithium?

Lithium carbonate (Li2CO3), lithium citrate (Li3C6H5O7), lithium sulfate (Li2SO4), lithium aspartate and the lithium orotate are classified as mood stabilizers.