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You are having problems changing the belt on your Craftsman sander model 315.11720 any advice?


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February 03, 2008 4:35PM

Take and set the sander on end with the cord down. The, with both hands, push the front roller towards the boc that sits between the rollers. You will hear a click. That takes the tension off the belt. Remove the old 3x21 belt with a new one. Now, while this sound strange it is what the manual suggests, take a large screwdriver and place it between the black front roller bracket and the square housing that sits between the two rollers and pry so you are pushing the pront roller back into position. You will hear another click and the spring will reposition the front roller and put tension back on the belt. Then, run the sander and turn the knob on the other side of the sander until the belt tracks correctly.