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I know that within the United States, there are some schools that offer PhD programs with a bachelor's degree required for entry.

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Q: You are holder acca and cma can you take Ph.D in accounting or finance without take the master?
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What has the author Terry Gasking written?

Terry Gasking has written: 'Cash and the Art of Successful Business Management' 'How to Master Finance' -- subject(s): Accounting, Business enterprises, Finance

What type of degree do I need for a job in finance?

Degrees that lead to finance jobs include Accounting and Finance. Most posistions would require a bachelor degree, higher paying jobs may require a Master degree.

Where can one find a master accounting service?

One can find a master accounting service by using the Master Accounting service website which offers complete information on the master accounting service.

What are Master files in accounting?

features of master file in computerised accounting

what degree would someone need to do buisness research?

One would need a Bachelor's degree in business, finance, accounting, or statistics. Some companies prefer their research analysts have Master's degrees in finance or MBA.

How can one apply for great paying finance jobs?

A Bachelor's or Master's in finances or economics, and an accounting designation qualify you to manage a companys finances, along with years of experience.

What type of education do I need for a finance career?

There are a number of careers in the field of finance. The most typical requirements for education are an undergraduate degree in business, accounting, or finance followed by a Masters of Business Administration.

Is there a difference between an MBA in accounting and an MS in accounting?

The master's in accounting is specific to accounting. The MBA is particular to business administration and all it contains.

What is fullform of MFA?

Master of Financial Accounting

What does MPacc stand for?

Master of Professional Accounting.

Which is better for employment Master of Science Accountancy or Master of Business Administration Accounting?

Master of science accountancy

Is the Master of Finance equal to MBA in Finance?

What Will You Learn in a Finance MBA or Finance Master's Program?Both an MBA with a focus in finance and a master's degree in finance prepare students for managerial positions within the financial services industry. The degrees differ, however, in that the finance MBA allows students to develop a broad set of business skills that are transferable to other arenas, while the master's in finance is a highly specialized degree that focuses almost exclusively on finance-related issues. The choice between a finance MBA and a master's in finance depends on your career goals, specifically whether you plan to work as a business manager with strong finance skills or stay strictly within the field of finance. MBA with a Concentration in FinanceThe MBA degree's broad curriculum teaches the corporate management and business strategy concepts that will help qualify you to hold management positions in a variety of fields. The courses within the finance concentration primarily emphasize the overlap between general business management and in-depth financial concepts and tools. Find finance MBA programs. Master's in FinanceThe master's in finance curriculum focuses on the practical skills, concepts and technology essential to success in the financial services industry. Programs typically include courses in financial economics and analysis, corporate finance, capital markets, investment management, international finance and finance strategy. Find master's in finance programs.