You are looking for Telugu karaoke tracks Can anyone suggest some websites where you can get the music tracks?

Hi, I have checked that has truck loads of Telugu Karaoke tracks. Bad thing is that they charge a subscription fee ($4.95 per month or $49.95 per year). I have not tried subscribing, so I don't know if you can in fact download even after paying for the subscription. However, there are lots of free MP3 recorders available on the internet. If you don't mind shelling $5, I would suggest that you subscribe for a month and then play each track as loud as you can on your computer and record it using the free MP3 recorder. I know it is a lot of effort, but as far as I know I think this is the only (cheap) option for now. I love Karaoke and I am a bathroom singer, big time. I like to sing to myself with music, so I might try doing what I suggested here. Anyway, if you fid any better sites to download free Telugu Karaoke MP3s, please let me know. Regards, Ravi