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If your front wheel stops abruptly, you'll likely go over the handlebars - the forward momentum will rotate you and the bike over the front wheel.

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Q: You are riding your bike And you hit a pothole which stops your bike What happens to you and why?
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What happens if you hit someone who is riding a bike?

The person who is riding the bike dies...if you hit him/her hard enough.

What are some examples of inertia?

When you are riding on the front of someones bike and the bike stops but you still keep going. This is newtons 1st law.

You are riding on your bike and stop pedaling coasting along the road when your bike slows down and stops What happened to the energy of your motion when your bike stopped?

It was released as heat

Is did the past tense of do?

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is a bike mechanical

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Do you get leaner muscle running or riding a bike?

on a bike

Throttle hand gets numb when riding?

You're probably holding the throttle too tightly. Vibration from the bike or the cold can also cause the numbness, try riding with gloves on. If you're on a long ride, take frequent stops.

Can chemical energy transform into mechanical energy after riding a bike?

Not after riding a bike, but rather during riding a bike. Your muscles convert chemical energy (a form of potential energy) into mechanical energy to do work.

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Well, sort of. As soon as you get out of bed in the morning the discs in your back (mainly) starts to compress, making you a little bit shorter over the course of the day. But this happens whether youre sitting up, standing or riding a bike. So basically it's being upright that's making you shorter, not that you're riding a bike.

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Muscles are what makes your body move, whatever you do. So you need them for bike riding too.

Why is balance needed in horse riding?

Riding a horse can be compared to riding a bike. if you do not have balance, you can throw the horse (or bike) off balance and/or slide off to one side.