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You are thirteen weeks pregnant and you are experiencing some mild cramping is this normal?

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Is cramping normal at 7 weeks pregnant?

i am seven weeks pregnant and i have cramping everyday is it normal

I have not had my period yet and I am not pregnant but I am cramping Is it normal?

yes it is normal, cramping is one of the signs that you will get your period soon

I am 19 weeks pregnant and I am experiencing cramping and strectching in my lower abdomen. Is this normal?

No,its not normal unless yu do sumthin yu not sopposed to do like yu kno wat but no its not normal..any more dam questions

Is cramping normal at 3 weeks pregnant?


Is it normal to experience cramping on your 2nd week of pregnancy?

Hello - Yes this is very normal providing the cramping is not severe cramping or stabbing pains in your abdomen. You are experiencing cramping because your Uterus is expanding to accomodate the expanding and growing Embryo. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

Is it normal to having cramping once a day during pregnancy?

You need to be more specific. Are you pregnant or not pregnant. If you are, it is normal to have cramping at the beginning of the pregnancy due to implantation and uterine expansion.

35 weeks pregnant and cramping?

If the cramping starts and stops you could be experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions which are normal and not indicative of labor. However, if your amniotic sac breaks and your water starts escaping you are in labor. In either case you should see your doctor.

You just found out that you are pregnant like 3 weeks ago im experiencing a little cramping like im getting my period and some fluttering and im getting worried. is this normal?

Yes it is very normal

I am 19 weeks pregnant and I am experiencing cramping and stretching in my lower abdomen. Is this normal?

A friend of mine had a similar thing, she thought it was normal which it usually is, but found out she had Placenta Previa (I think that's what its called). Definitely get it checked out.

Is it normal to be cramping at two months pregnant?

It is normal, unless you are bleeding. Some cramping is normal due to your muscles in that area stretching and some women experience cramping when the embryo implants itself into the uterine wall.

I had a miscarriage in July and now I am pregnant again about 5 weks Today I started cramping but no bleeding should I be concerned?

Cramping is totally normal aslong as there is no bleeding. Cramping is totally normal aslong as there is no bleeding.

Is light pain and cramping normal in pregnancy?

yes light pain and cramping is normal in pregnant woman although all women that become pregnant don't go through it. If the pain becomes worse the there is a problem.

Is cramping normal before missed period during pregnancy?

If your pregnant, cramping is usual. But if you're not and you missed your period that usually means your pregnant now with a bundle of joy.

I am 32 weeks pregnant and i have cramps in my stomach - that comes and goes - is this normal?

Yes, it is normal. What you are experiencing may be Braxton-Hicks contractions. These contractions are "practice" for the real thing. If you are experiencing period-like cramping, you should call your doctor. If those cramps become regular (time them) or if your water breaks, go to the hospital.

Is it possible to be pregnant and have cramping or is the cramping from your polycistic ovary syndrome?

It is very normal to have some cramping during pregnancy. If it is severe or continues for a long period of time, see your doctor.

Im about six weeks pregnant and you are experiencing cramping Is this normal?

Cramping is normal during pregnancy and could persist. It could also be a sign that the baby is in distress or that you are having false labor pains. You should go get an ultrasound to make sure that the baby isn't in distress. If the cramping is sever then it could be preterm contractions. If the cramping gets worse and closer together you should go straigh to the hospital and have an ultrasound or to the labor and delivery room at the nearest hospital straight away.

Is bleeding and cramping 9 weeks into pregnancy normal?

no its not and if you are then i dont think your pregnant anymore

Is cramping at 11 weeks normal when pregnant?

Any cramping should be reported to your midwife or physician. They can help determine the cause and any complications.

Is it normal to have air coming out of the vagina at 22 weeks pregnant?

Hiya, I am 6 weeks pregnant and experiencing this its weird!!

Could you be pregnant if you had your period but days before that you had headaches cramping sickness and diarrhea?

you probably had a virus. a normal period means your not pregnant.

Is cramping at 17 weeks pregnant normal?

Light cramping is normal, yes. If it is very painful and/or accompanied by bleeding, it is important to go straight to the hospital though. The cramps are caused by the uterus stretching as the baby grows.

When pregnant do you normally have cramps when you miss your first period?

Yes, cramping when you miss your first period is normal.

Is it normal to spot while pregnant?

No, If you are spotting or cramping you should contact your Dr or go to the ER immediately.

Is cramping in lower back normal during early pregnancy?

no you're not pregnant! Who would want to have kids with you?!

If I are 3 weeks pregnant is it normal to have low back pain and some low abd pain not cramping?

I don't know if it is normal but I am experiencing the same thing! I also have cysts, I am wondering if it was a false positive pregnancy test! sometimes if the test is neg you can still be preg but usually when its positive, its positve.