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You are trying to find a tattoo that means free or freedom what symbol means that?


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Birds are often taken as symbols of freedom (and we have the expression "free as a bird"), but birds can mean other things too. There is no commonly understood symbol of freedom; that is, you could pick a symbol, but most people would not recognize it as a symbol of freedom. You'd be constantly explaining it.

Personal opinion: I would think the best symbol of freedom would be no tattoo. It is hard for me to imagine how you could express an absence of bondage by labeling yourself permanently with ink that won't come off and that makes some kind of statement about you, instead of letting your own words and deeds make all the statement you need and letting your silence tell nothing. ----

My suggestion, if you still like to have a tattoo that means "freedom": take either broken chains, which is widely understood to symbolize freedom. Or, as an alternative, you might choose the statue of liberty. But this also stands for the USA, so it's not everybody's choice.