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Lost Vehicle TitleGenerally you can apply for a lost title through your state Department of Motor Vehciels or Department of Licensing. It may make it easier if the previous owner goes with you (assuming he is the registered owner). States normally require that a previous owner notify them that a vehicle has been sold.

In addition: You will have to submit an application for a lost title/damaged title. I believe only the registered owner of the vehicle from when it was title originally can obtain a replacement.

In Ca the lost/not received/transfer form is available at DMV thiis is used for sale on auto where seller still has the title and never transfereed to themselves yet so has no "title" so you include additional title (form is a blank need to fill out all info on vehicle , seller, and buyer turn in with the other title(the one your seller never turned in for themselves, or you can use the lost/not received/transfer form if the other has been lost

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Q: You bought a car but the guy you bought it from does not have the title how do you get your title?
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If car title is lost but you cant get title because ex is still on title?

I bought a car and I cant get the title for it what to do

Can you sell your car if your girlfriends name is on your title but you bought the car?


How can you get title for car you bought?

carter rowland

How do you get a car title if a car doesn't have one?

A car should always have a title if not see the person you bought it from or see the dealership.

How to get a title on an abandoned car in Missouri?

How do I file for a title on a motorcycl when the title is messes up and the original owner is dead and the original guy that the motorcycle from the deceased moves out of state and sold the bike to me. I also cant get ahold of that guy that original bought the bike from the deceased

If someone bought you a car but your name is on the title and registration can they take the car away?

No. The title is the document that establishes ownership.

You bought a car from a guy and its not his?

Call the poilce.

Who owns car i bought if title in dad's name?

Whoever is named on the title is the owner.

How do you transfer a TX title on a car you bought?

You have to aquire a green slip, title office will have it.

Could you get a title for a 1953 Chevrolet car not in your name and the guy had died 13 years ago and his son in law inharited the car without a title an then i bought it?

Yes. Through the DMV. You may need a signed affidavit from the previous owner, to do this.

You bought a car with a salvage title you lost the title what should you do?

Apply for a replacement title through your state DMV.

You bought a car from a person who is from different state and you lost the title the next day How can you get a title for that car?

go back to where you come from and ask your car dealer. :)

Can someone transfer title of your car to their name if the title was put up for collateral for a bail bond and the bond is paid and the title is not released to the owner of the car?

If the bond is paid, why is the title not released to the owner of the car? If the owner of the car forfeited the title by skipping out, and another person came and bought that title by paying the bond, then yes, another person can transfer the title to their name ... because they bought it by paying off your bond.

You bought a used car and when you tried to trade it in they said it has a salvage title six months after you bought the car?

That means that at some point the car was wrecked so severely that the cost to repair it exceeded 75% of the value of the car. The car was therefore totaled and sold to a salvage yard. The salvage yard sold the car to someone who repaired it and sold it with the required salvage title. You should have noticed the salvage title when you bought the car.

Can i sign someones name as seller on car title if i bought car?

No. That is fraud. You need to get the signature of the person whose name is on the title. If your name is on the title you can sell it. If not you can't.

If I bought a car for my ex girlfriend when she lived with me and then she moved out can I get the car back?

If your name is on the title it's yours, if her name is on the title it's hers.

You bought your car privately and didn't transfer title the guy who sold it to me took it right off the street is this reposession or theft he called it reposession?

I would think theft

You bought a vehicle with out a title you had a bill of sales how do you find out who has the lien on your car title?

Contact your DMV OFFICE.

How do you register a car bought from an auction and have no title?

want to buy a vehicle without a title but with a bill of sale

You bought a car from someone but never registered it and you want to sell it to someone else. Can they still get it registered?

Do you have the title of the car in your name? Is there a loan on the car? You will have to register it if your name is on the title!

How long does it take to get a title to a used car you bought at a car auction?

a few days or even a week

How do you get a title for a car you bought that was titled but have no title for?

Call the DMV licensing department. They will have it on file and will charge you a fee for a duplicate.

You bought a car from a private party you have the pink slip seller does not want to give you the car?

If you have the title it is your car, just take it.

How do you get new title if car did not come with one?

All vehicles have a title. You should have never bought a car without receiving the title. Demand the title from the seller. If he does not have one, take him in tow to your local DMV and request a duplicate title.

Can you sue someone for a car that i bought an they got a replacement title?

Clarify please.