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English people are actually people from England so people from America would be called Americans!

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Q: You call English people pommies what do you call Americans?
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Why are the English called Pommies?

A long time ago when people in England were bad or murdered someone or something like that they would be banished from England and sent off to Australia. This is how most Australians started out. Pom stands for Prisoner of her Majesty. It is what the people in Autralia would call English people.

What do Americans call the English subject in school do they still call it English or do they call it American?

It is still called English.

What do scottish people call Americans?

They call them Americans

What do the English call what Americans call brownie?

Cocoa Biscuit

Why you call math to math?

I do not. Along with most English speaking people, unlike Americans, we call it maths.

What Irish people call American people?

They call them Americans.

What do you call people from America?


Why do Americans call the English British?

The English are British in the same way that the Welsh and Scots are British, they live on the same island called Britain. British people do not refer to New Englanders as anything other than Americans so why should Americans not call the English British? because New Englanders all come from one country where as british people come from 4 different countries

What is 'fall' when translated from English to Italian?

The word for the season which Americans call 'Fall' (and British people call Autumn) is Autuma The word for the verb 'to fall' is cadere

What a different between holiday and vacation?

Holiday is what the English call it and Vacation is what Americans call holidays. =)

What do Americans call basements?

Basement is the word most Americans use. Some people call it a cellar.

What are people who call themselves Americans?


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