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A bell

A bell can be cracked (like the liberty bell)

A bell can be made (in a bell foundry)

A bell can be told (rung)

A bell can be played (as part of an orchestra) A joke!

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It can be cracked it can be made it can be told it can be played what is it?

a joke a joke can be cracked a joke can be made a joke can be told a joke can be played

What can be told played cracked or made?

This is a joke. You can tell a joke, you can play a joke (prank), crack a joke, or make a joke.

Is your voice Breaking?

My Voice Cracked when i talked for about 2 hours then it got normal, and cracked again, i dont have the cold and yesterday i talked and made an uncontrollable squeak, my friends told me that its been squeaking for about 2 months, is it breaking?

What are Cracked wheat breads made from?

Cracked wheat breads are made from white flour and crushed wheat meal

What is made when an alkane is cracked?

When an alkane is cracked, alkenes and shorter alkanes are produced.

What movie and television projects has Toby Bisson been in?

Toby Bisson has: Played Mikka in "Mikka" in 2012. Played Young Charlie in "Saving Hope" in 2012. Played Boy in "Cracked" in 2013. Played Jacob Beckmeyer in "Cracked" in 2013. Played Jacob Beckmire in "Cracked" in 2013.

What is cracked wheat?

a dish made from boiled or cracked wheat and mixed with milk, eggs or stock

What is the difference between cracked pepper and ground pepper?

Cracked pepper is made from peppercorns which have been broken apart or "cracked," but are still relatively large. Ground pepper is made from breaking down or "grinding" peppercorns further, such that the particles are made finer.

What did the ancient Celts do for Entertainment?

They played games, played sports, farmed, made art and told stories to each other.

What guitar does Leo Kottke play?

At one time, I was told he played a Taylor guitar...last I was told was that he was playing an "Olsen" guitar, hand made, custom made, per order, by James A. Olsen.

How do you fix a cracked fender?

If it's cracked, it might be made of fiberglass, or plastic. Fiberglass patch or two part epoxy.

Can ps2 games be played on PS3?

yes they can. they can be cracked to play on ps3

What movie and television projects has Michael Swaim been in?

Michael Swaim has: Played Michael Swaim in "Agents of Cracked" in 2009. Performed in "The Drama Queen" in 2011. Played Chuck Johnson in "Cracked Advice Board" in 2011. Played Kevin in "Cracked Advice Board" in 2011. Played himself in "TableTop" in 2012. Played Dennis in "Kill Me Now" in 2012. Played himself in "Comedy Gives Back" in 2013. Played Moustache Man in "The Attendants" in 2013. Played Mudd Mudd in "Adventures in Jedi School" in 2014.

What is Lebanon's national food?

Lebanese national dishes are: Kibbe - a meat pie made of minced lamb and cracked wheat (burghul). Tabbouleh - a salad made of parsley, tomatoes and cracked wheat (burghul).

What are 3 useful substances produced when diesel is cracked?

3 Useful substances made by diesel when it's cracked are: petrol, paraffin and ethene to make plasatics

What is the law regarding cracked windshield in Michigan?

i live in the city in they tagged my car in told me i have 48 hours to get it fixed or they were going to get it towed away

What did the surprised bank robber say when he cracked open a safe with no money in it?

Wait, is this a GERMAN Bank? I told you to find us a GREEK Bank!!

Is an fumf a subatomic particle?

No. That's probably made up by yourself, or by whichever friend told you about it.No. That's probably made up by yourself, or by whichever friend told you about it.No. That's probably made up by yourself, or by whichever friend told you about it.No. That's probably made up by yourself, or by whichever friend told you about it.

Staple food of Algeria?

Couscous, a semolina-like pasta made from cracked wheat

How did dragons eggs hatch?

They had eggs and the eggs cracked and a baby dragon was made :P

What did kids do for fun in the 1700s?

-They played with dolls -They sang -They told stories - They play with each other -They made toys out of things around the house

What part of speech is cracked?

Cracked is a verb and an adjective. Verb: The egg cracked when she dropped the carton. Adjective: He suffered a cracked skull.

What were the vikings hobbies?

They played hnefatafl which is like chess. They also made up their own games. They also played throwing games called king like bola or told stories. By Loslakerman

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