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Those belts are made to fit other sizes...... ie; say your app. calls for a 675k5 or whatever.... those numbers can be changed and still work without problems, trust me i did this for 2 years.... so in this fictional case.... you could run a A) 670k5 or B) 680K5...... keeping in mind, the "K" and the "5" represent the number of grooves or ribs on the belt, these cant...CANT be changed but the first numbers can be... not all belts are numbered this way however, so check conversion charts and an auto store... lataaaaaaa and good luck

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โˆ™ 2006-11-28 11:28:14
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Q: You can not find a fan belt that fits your 1997 Wrangler They are close but will not stretch to fit Tried several dfferent brands and they are all too short by a fraction of an inch Idler is maxed?
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