You cannot see the head of your penis and you find it very hard to have sexual intercourse- why has my foreskin completely hidden the head of my penis?

you could try circumcision, but that's up to you


The foreskin is a shield to protect the penis from damage, as sexual reproduction is greatly needed in evolution and to keep the mammal's race existent, in this case, a human.
When the foreskin gets stuck to the penis, the head of the penis might be incredibly dirty or might of even covered the entire head.
But the foreskin can only cover the head of the penis, it is joined to the lower Frenulum. The head of the penis is called the penial glands.
Without the foreskin it is very difficult to masturbate.
When the foreskin is pulled far enough, it can actually stretch down the entire penial shaft, but cannot reach the scrotum in a fully erected penis.

The foreskin may remain tight, but pulling the foreskin gradually, further and further each day.
Some people are scared of their foreskin from being pulled away for the first time.
This is common.
But if the penis is damaged and / or infected it is strongly advised to visit your doctor in sexual or penial medicine, usually located in a hospital.