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Have you been having unprotected sex? Maybe it is implantation bleeding, when the fertilized egg implants itself in the uterine wall.

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Q: You dont know what is going on with you but you have been bleeding since monday night you had your period on the 13th of August and it ended on the 17th and you started to bleed again its like blood a?
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Why are you bleeding when you urinate?

bladder infection or you have started your period

Your period started August 8 when started your period in the next period?

Probably around September 8th

Started trinessa on a monday without my periode will it still work correctly?

You Trinessa would not work correctly if you started on Monday without your period.

What does it mean that i think i had period the 27th of August and I'm sure i spotted the 8th of September yet i started bleeding the 27th of that September?

Sometimes ovulation will cause a slight amount of blood to be discharged. Normally termed "mittelschmertz", (mid-bleeding). It's normal, and is not a "period".

When taking birth control to regulate periods if your period started on a Monday and the pills are started the following Thursday when will bleeding stop?

Your period will usually stop within 7 days. It is different in every woman. Some bleed for 3 days while others bleed for 6 days.

How many Sundays are there in a period of 77 full weeks?

Assuming that this period started on a Monday then 77 Sundays.

You had unprotected sex 8 times a week later started throwing up and then the week after started bleeding is that your period?

ya that's your period

I started my period on the 25th it ended the 29th and then I started having pinky discharge but only when I wiped could that be implantation bleeding or is my period just not over?

It could be your period...... or ending your period

Can you have implantation bleeding 2 weeks after your period started?

This is more likely to be ovulation bleeding. Implantation bleeding normally happens around the time of your period, if you have a regular 28 day cycle. Hope this helps.

Why are you still bleeding after your period is over with two days ago and then you started back?

I have the same thing happening to me. I had a "regular" period this month, then three or four days later I started bleeding again, very heavy, even for my period when it usually starts and the blood is bright red.

Do you count the first day of your period as the day you start bleeding even if it started in the evening or is the first full day of actual bleeding the first day of your period?

Yes. The day you start bleeding is day 1 of your cycle.

Is it normal if you started bleeding heavily the day after your implantation day or have you started your period early?

You may of started your period early. All you can do is wait and see if this turns into a normal period. Or do a pregnancy test in a few days time.

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