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watch saroj khan's nach le ve i hope it will help you . good luck

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If there is a dance coming up you are pretty sure this guy likes you but you want to go to the dance with him Should he have asked you out by now?

depending on the time length then yes if it's a week then no

Why when you touch electricity your hair pops up?

I dont now.... I dont now....

Give me example about announcement at the junior high school?

"Attention all students, it is now time to announce that the annual junior high dance is coming up!

Is there some kind of online dance competition?

There is a new online dance competition coming up called World Dance Competition. To register or sign up, see the related link.

What if you have a boyfriend and you don't really like him but the dance is coming up tomorrow?

Dump him

What other kind of clocks or time devices are now invented?

wathcescamera clockand i dont know search up on googleand theres new ones coming up

How do you ask a girl to dance when your desperate?

just go up to her and ask her if she wants to dance. if she says yes then you dont have to be desperate anymore.

What is fabric made up of?

i dont now

What is the up coming mindless behavior concert?


How can you use coming in a sentence?

She decided she was coming to the movies with them. or I am coming to pick up the car tires right now.

When vanessa have a new album?

yes its coming up soon in 2008 and its called Let's Dance

The jr prom is coming up and you dont have a girlfriend and you dont have any girl friends close enough that dont have someone to go with already you dont dance is it worth going alone?

just go alone maybe u will find a girl there besides theres always goin 2 b another prom take my advice im a girl

What are the lyrics to Dance Music by Sexual Earthquake in Kobe?

Now I can think about myself, Pick me up, fisherman, Drag me up and lay down, now, now, now, A motel could be open... Open up your second hand arms, Open up your second hand legs, Open up your second hand heart, Close up your nine fly, Close up your nine corpse, Dance Music is my life, Dance music, you're my wife, Dance music, forever, Dance music, dans mon Coeur, Dance music, you're the best, Dance Music, for the pests, Dance music, and you die, Dance Music, pretty fly, Dance music, ride my bull, Dance music ride my bull, cool, bull, cool... (Don't you say...) Now I can imagine you're all alone, Cannot say, cannot do that, You're an actress, hidden in a rockstar, Cannot say, cannot do that, Bounce (x24) Open up your nine fly, Open up your nine corpse, Dance Music, you're my life, Dance music, you're my wife, Dance music, forever, Dance music, dans mon Coeur, Dance music makes you cool, Dance music, ride my bull, Dance music, and you die Dance Music, pretty fly... When I'm not dancing, I have fun hiding, My hands in my trousers, My hands in my trousers...(Repeat until fade)

How does iodine show up the fingerprints?

dont now

Is the Manhattan dance academy real?

i dont think so. i think they made it up for the movie

What are the songs in step up 3d's final dance?

i dont know you ask me lol :P

How to jerk the dance?

look it up on you tube land the will show god dont be to stupid lol

When is University of calabar aptitude test coming up department by department?

I really do not know yet,i do not know their website as to check if the date is on line.please dont fail to let me know when you have the is your health now? I belive you are better now

What dance song contains these lyrics now put your hands up ya ya now put your hands up ya ya?

2pm Hands up

How do you set up the math problem for percentages?

i dont now

How do you set up consecutive positive integers?

i dont now

How to Make a girl jealous at a dance?

Just dance with other girls. If you want to make her jealous because you've broken up or something, just have a good time without her, and dance with all the girls you can. Be a man and ask her to dance. (Coming from a girl)

When is sonic cosmic dimension 4 coming up?

Its out now on

What do people do in a club?

People dance it up holla. Sometimes they freak dance and grind other times they dont and theyll just chill and have a mai tai. Have fun.

What are some of one directions dance moves?

They dont have dance moves becuase they just make it up as they go along but probably the most popular is the elbow shuffle :)