Fetal Development

You found out today you were 4 weeks pregnant the nurse at your job gave you an ultrasound said she seend blood around the sack she told you to come get another ultrasound next week what do you think?

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2007-02-14 22:07:03

Hello, Blood can be difficult to see on a ultrasound. Picture a

ultrasound picture, the images are grey and hazy. Also if you are 4

weeks pregnant the pregnancy would not be visible on a ultrasound

scan until you were 6 weeks pregnant. The only person who can

accurately and thoroughly read a ultrasound is a Radiographer or a

Obstetrician Doctor. I would make a appointment with your Doctor,

have a pregnancy blood test performed and book a ultrasound scan

for 2-3 weeks time. You need a quantitative beta HCG blood test to

measure the level of HCG in your blood which will also tell you if

your pregnancy is viable. Good luck.

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