You got your period a week and a half late and scince you got your period on same day you start feeling dizzy and lightheaded when your on your period can that be a sign of amemia or pregnancy or both?

I think I may of answered this question already but I'm not certain. :-) Dizziness and feeling lightheaded can be symptoms of Anemia. A very heavy period can also cause these symptoms. If you are experiencing a very heavy period and are changing your pad within 2 hours then you must contact your Doctor or go to A&E. You would not have a normal, heavy period and be pregnant.

If you got those 2 symptoms on the day you got your period that's just your period causing that cause I get the same. While my period was late I was nearly fainting, eating more than usual, tired more than usual, headaches, back ache, bloating, feeling sick, dizziness, difficulty sleeping at night, pains in stomach and all that.

If you really think so pregnant go to the doctors and have a blood test or take a home pregnancy test.

My period was proper late it took me 5 weeks 2 days just to come on which is 37 days altogether. For the past year my cycles went from 25 days-32days so I was late which I haven't never been before.