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Only a reversal or IVF will get you pregnant. Both of thewse are expensive and not guranteed to work.

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Q: You had a tubal ligation in 1998 Aside from reversal are there thing you can do to get pregnant again?
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How do you take out tubal ligation and get pregnant again?

You can consider a reversal where the fallopian tubes are put back together or you can try IVF. Either of these is expensive though

You are already tubal ligation but you want to have one more baby if possible for you to get pregnant again what you need to do?

you could either have a tubal reversal or try ivf. a tubal reversal would be cheaper, but you would have to use protection or get your tubes tied again.

After ligation it is possible to be pregnant again?

After ligation tube cut and burned theirs a possible to get pregnant

Can you get pregnant when you do a tubal ligation?

I am 50years old and had a tubal ligation 32years ago can i ever get pregnant again.

What are the long term affections of tubal ligation reversal?

"Some long term affects for someone who is considering a tubal ligation reversal are lower success rates for pregnancies, or the possibility of having to use in-vitro fertilization to aid in the process of conceiving again."

What are your chances of a healthy pregnancy after a tubal pregnancy 2 years ago?

If you have had a tubal ligation and you want to become pregnant, it may happen, but you'll have better chances if you have a surgical procedure to reverse the tubal ligation. There is no guarantee that you'll experience success after a reversal, but the ability to reverse a tubal ligation is there and it will dramatically increase your chances of becoming pregnant again. Here is a website related to your question. HTH.

Can you get pregnant again 18 years after a tubal ligation?

yes you can its not common but it occurs rarely..

How does a tuballigaion reversal be done?

i had my tubes burned where i could not be pregnant and i changed my mine! can this be reverse to have children again!

Can a woman get pregnant after having a tubal ligation and not know about it till last minute?

The ligation can go back and start working again after some years and it's very rare a woman goes through a full pregnancy without knowing she is pregnant but it does happen so there is a small chance.

Is bilateral tubal ligation reversible?

yes sweetie! A Bilateral Tubal Ligation can be reversed. There are several medical offices that can help. It is best if you obtain the operative note report from the DR./Surgeon that performed your BTL. Try and type in Tubal reversal. or search Pregnant again. I know of a Dr. near Atlanta GA that can perform it and its not as bad as what most would say and a plus it costs only about $6500-$7000 to do it. Want more information email me at Good Luck!

You want to have a child but you had your tubes cut after your last daughter tell you can you still have a child again?

There is a procedure called Tubal Ligation Reversal which would reverse the effects of having your tubes tied. It cannot be performed on all women and isn't always effective on the women on whom it can be done. The pregnancy rate after a reversal is between 40 percent and 85 percent.

If you have your tubes tied what other methods are available besides having a tubal reversal to get pregnant again?

You can be stimulated to produce a lot of eggs which are then removed from your ovaries by laparoscopy. You then undergo IVF.

Had a tubal done 4 years ago an want to get pregnant without having a tubal reversal?

your chances of becoming pregnant with out a tubal reversal are slim to none. I know its not the answer you were hoping for but its the truth. tubaligations are considered permanant birth control. some times your bady can self heal itself. but again that is not very likely. it has happened but the percentage is very low. your other optin would be ivf.

Is Jennifer Hudson pregnant again?

No, she is not pregnant again. She is pregnant as of Feb 12 she did announce that she is pregnant with her second child.

Is the Duggar mom pregnant again?

No, Michelle Duggar is not pregnant again.

Why do you have to take birth control after a tubal pregnancy post tubal ligation?

You have to take birth control because, if you got preg. once after tubal, then it means the tubal failed and you have a chance to become pregnant again. Of course, if you want to get preg. again, don't take the birth control!

Can pregnancy occur after both IUD and tubal ligation?

Chickness.....Yes you can get pregnant after both IUD and a tubal ligation. I am a living testimony. I have 3 kids now .....all unplanned for. After having our 1 baby who is 3/12 now I decided to go for and IUD for atleast 3 months. Guess what 2yrs in the IUD insertion I was very pregnant and healthy pregnant for that matter. After a c-section with him I had my tubal during the c-section and 9 months in the maternity leave....voila I was pregnant again. Healthy pregnancy again.....I have gotten my tubes tied again made my hubby get a vasectomy and ...."KNOCK ON WOOD" I don't get the baby lottery again. so to answer your question,......YES YOU CAN GET PG with either or both of the above....if you're lucky like me. I woun't say unlucky cuz they're all a joy......just totally unplanned for.

You had a tubal in Oct 2006 you want to get pregnant again with out getting your tubal reversed any idea's?

It's just a waiting game, some people get pregnant, some don't. Only 1 in 1000 women get pregnant when they have a tubal. It's not something you can plan. Chances of a non-viable pregnancy are really common with pregnancies after tubal ligation.

What happens if you are already pregnant and he nut in you again?

Nothing. You can't get pregnant again.

Is it possible to a ligate women to get pregnant again?

how can i be pregnant again im ligate

You had a tubal ligation 19 years ago what are the chances of getting pregnant again?

Your chances are very slim...all though you are only guaranteed for ten years.It is like one in one hundred women that will get pg after being sterilized

How can you get pregnant after tubs been tied for about 8yr?

If you are not comfortable with adoption or fostering and actually want to try to become pregnant, you might want to try a tubal reversal and talk to a few doctors about what they may recommend. Your age, number of previous children, etc. may have a lot to do with your success of a reversal. Not all reversals are successful and you will then also have to consider having to retie your tubes again or your husband getting a vasectomy if this is the last child you may want to have.

Is Jill Duggar Dillard pregnant again?

As of July 19, 2015, no, she is not pregnant again.

You had your tubes tied in 2007 following a c-section is it possible to be pregnant again?

You'd have to get the tubal ligation reversed first, which is a fairly serious operation with not too good odds of success. Maybe IVF would be less invasive.

Is Farrah Pregnant Again?

That was a big rumor around gossip hot spots.But the answer is NO! She is not pregnant again..