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Tell him he had his chance and stay with your current bf. If he didn't love you enough to stay with you then he probably doesn't love you enough to stay with you you that long i the future. Your current boyfriend loves you and that is all that matters right now. If you and your current guy don't work out then you can try your old boyfriend again.

uh....i don't think going back to the old boyfriend is a good idea...u might just end up breaking your own heart and probably when the time comes, he may already have a girlfriend.

He sounds like a anus dont go out with him!

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Q: You had this bf who dumped you for another girl and then you got a and then he dumps his and you still have a he asks to be your but you like the other?
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When a girl dumps you how do you know she still likes you?

if she dumped you she may still like you but as a friend be cool she may change her mind

What should you do if a girl dumps you but still likes you and wants to stay friends?

If you still like her, there should be no problems with remaining friends, and you may be able to rekindle the relationship another time. If you now dislike her, think about why that is so - if it is just anger at being dumped, then try to figure out why you were dumped. Don't take the anger out on her, though.

What do you do if boyfriend dumps you but yall still love each other?

well. there is a reason that he is in your past and not your future. but if he still loves you and you still love him. i say go for it. if not. just go get you another person!

What to do if you dumped your ex and you want him back?

Don't try. If he wants you and you ignore him, he'll come running. If he doesn't, he isn't worth it.

If a girl dumps you then goes out with another guy then starts liking you what should you do and you like her still?

Well If You Still Like Her You Should Go For It.

What should you do if your ex still talks to you everyday even though you are sure he dumped you for another woman and denies it?

Did you ever stop to think that maybe YOU are the other woman?

You went out with a boy and he dumped you and you are still in love with him what should you do?

It depends on why he dumped you.I mean if he dumped you for another girl then try to break them up or you can make the boy jealous of if you have another guy with you but what ever you do DONT make the boy think YOU are jealous otherwise your busted.

What to do if your boyfriend dumps you for another girl but she doesnt like him and you still really love him even after what he has done?

I really don't think you should do anything. You may still love him, but he obviously is not in love with you anymore. Getting back together with him would just be a waste because he dumped you, a sign he just lost interest. Do not worry, you will find someone who will love you for who you are and hold a true love, care and interest for you.

Why your very sociable ex choose to sit in front of you while he could sit in his place or choose other places to sit in Is he still interested even he knows you dont talk to him?

Really it depends on who dumped who. If you dumped him then yes, he probably does, but if he dumped you then its a rather slim chance that he still likes you.

Tulisa dumped her bloke?

So I'm guessing you're another one of those gullible people who believes every rumour they hear. No, Tulisa has not dumped her bloke. She's still with him and very happy.

What do you do your gf dumped for another girl and then she said she still has feelings for you and she loves both you and the other girl what are you supposed to do?

try the trydate method 1 month of dating between three people it might and out well

Can you be mates with the ex that dumped you if he or she thinks you still like him but you don't?

Abolutely not!!! How can you be with someone that dumped you, plus now thinks you guys should be friends... you'd have to be crazy to take a step that far back in your life... move on! AND take advantage of he or she if he feels in awe to you buecause of all the dumping thing, just after dumping you, oh god! The guy must have a huge ego. He dumps you then tells you he thinks you like him still? I would tell him to get lost.