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The turbo versions if run extremely hard- all the time- without proper maintenance of course the car will fail after an extended period of time...just like any other engine. The non turbo stealths are bullet proof...but please continue to maintain them regularly.

2007-03-13 10:48:13
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Where is the radiator fan relay on a 2002 dodge truck?

It is in the under hood fuse box. Check the fuse in there also. The fan motors are prone to failure.

Are Windows dedicated servers failure-prone?

Windows servers are not necessarily failure-prone moreso than say Linux or Mac servers. However, Windows servers do suffer more frequently from hacking and virus attacks.

Did tanks work well in world war 1?

The tanks , essentially prototypes , were prone to engine or track failure and were difficult for the crew to operate because of a lack of proper venting of the engine exhaust system .

Can you run dodge stratus 4 cly without thermostat?

You could, but it is not a good idea. The check engine light may turn on, and a cold running engine is prone to oil sludge issues.

Can you run a 1998 Dodge Durango without a thermostat?

Only in an emergency. The computer will turn on the check engine light if the temp never reaches normal. A cold running engine is also more prone to oil sludge problems.Only in an emergency. The computer will turn on the check engine light if the temp never reaches normal. A cold running engine is also more prone to oil sludge problems.

Is a car engine in good condition when a head gasket is replaced?

This is a complex question: The failure that caused the head gasket to fail MAY have done other damage But ... and there is always a BUTT Some cars are prone to this failure and replacement of the gasket means it will never need to be done again with no other harm to the engine, (original Dodge Neon for example) Other cars where the gasket fails and it means the car has been over heated and the engine is Damaged (8.2 liter Detroit Diesel is a good example) So the only way to know is to run it and see.

Which class of engineering materials was used and is very prone to brittle failure?


What is a system failure rate?

It is a measure of how prone to failure a system is... how often is does not work as intended! For instance it a system fails 5 times out of 10 it would have a failure rate of 50%

What materials are weak?

Any material that is prone to failure dependent on the stress/strain before reaching a mean life cycle.

Are floppy disks durable?

Not really. They are very failure prone, due to their complex moving parts and the conditions they are usually subjected to.

Is the 2.5L iron duke engine in older Chevy S10's Pontiac Fiero's and Astro Vans difficult to work on?

the 2.5L motor is one of the easiest engines to work on. If you have a distributer on yours, it is a pain to replace the cap and rotor, and wires, and the DIS ignition module is prone to failure, but its a basic, straightforward engine.

Why do you have to replace converter?

I am assuming you are talking about the Catalytic Converter. You might have to replace because it is not meeting smog requirements. The "cat" uses heat to burn any remaining fuel that the engine did not use after combustion. They are prone to failure by there very nature of needing high heat to operate.

Does a 305 Chevy engine from a 1984 trans am have a metal timing chain and gearset?

I believe 88 and earlier 305's have a nylon coated cam gear that is supposed to make them run quieter but are prone to failure, however chain and crank gear are all steel.

What causes your dodge caravan front end to make noise?

if i am not mistaking they had told me the stabalizer bars (sway bars) when they are diffective. i am going to change does on my 96 dgc for that reason my front end makes a rattle noise The end links and sway bar bushings are prone to failure on 1996 and later vans.

What is the best aluminum radiator brand?

When considerig a radiator it is a good idea to go with the manufacturers brand. Aftermarket products are prone to leaks and failure.

Frontera 2.2diesel will not start?

Try these quick fixes. 1) poor quality oil, loses compression, prone to this model 2) fuel filters also prone to blocking 3) fuel pump also known to failure, not cheap

Would the air pump stop your car from starting?

only the older belt driven air pumps seize up and may stop engine from cranking by fan belt holding engine, new electric air pumps are prone to suck up water or electric motor failure causing fuse to blow but car will still run

What is the hardness of amazonite?

Amazonite has a mohs hardness of 6-6.5. It's prone to pressure failure (it'll crack or crumble), and will also scratch easily.

Does the rotary engine can last longer than piston engine?

Usually not. The seals in a rotary that does the job of the piston rings in a piston engine have a much harder job to do, and tend not to last as long. Agreed. The "Wankel" was a good concept, an engine with one moving part but never lived up to it's potential. The above answer is an excellent example. The trouble mostly came from balancing the rotor, as it did not rotate in a perfect 360 degree circle and oil seals were prone to failure

1994 camaro z28 with a LT1 will not start it has a new battery starter coil pack and control mod but still will not start?

try the opti these are prone to failure

What is an oil cooler system?

Cools engine by cooling engine oil that runs through a A/C or Transmission looking cooler. It may run through your radiator that has extra fins built into it and is separate from coolant. It may be an after market add on. It is usually on vehicles that pull trailers or handle heavy weight. Will prolong engine life. CON: Some types are prone to leaks or being damaged causing loss of oil and worse a complete loss of oil resulting in engine damage or failure.

Why is your cat urinating blood?

Renal failure is a likely cause (kidneys not working correctly). The kidneys of domestic cats are very prone to failure, especially in older cats. The cat should be taken to a vet urgently - many renal problems are manageable.

Is the 407 turbo diesel prone to breakdown?

Hi there,It all depends what model/engine you get.Ive got the 1.6hdi engine (DV6TED4). This engine is used in most fords/masdaz etc.In the 407 however, this engine is susseptable to turbo failure. Mainly because its always under load. (such a heavy car and such a small engine). My engine has done 110k and is on its second turbo.It is kept realitivly clean compared to the 2.0hdi. It also averages 60mpg and it is much more reliable compared to the 2.0hdi. It is much easier to maintain, as most of the components are visable unlike the tucked away 2.0 .

Why is my 1993 Explorer XLT grinding?

"Grinding" isn't nearly enough information, but the automatic transmission on the 91 to 94 explorers are notoriously weak and very prone to failure.

Why is my 2001 dodge diesel misfiring under load?

It is probably a lack of fuel, try the simple stuff first like changing the fuel filter. The lift pumps in the 01 is prone to failure at about 80000 miles, it is a good idea to install a fuel pressure gauge or an aftermarket electric fuel pump, it will save the injection pump, and that is the expensive one.