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If you take off the air filter pan you should see the throttle body there is a series of connections it makes, kind of like a Rube Goldberg machine, ok not that complicated, but we would need to see where you are hanging to give a clear answer. Go check out a junk yard, mechanic shop or old car dealership maybe to see what an in tact connection looks like.

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โˆ™ 2008-02-29 17:34:27
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Q: You have a 1987 300e your throtle cable linkage is just hanging at the end in the engine compartment where did it connect to thanks?
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How do you fix a Rover Metro 111 gsi if the revs are staying high even after it is warm?

Make sure the throtle linkage isn't hanging.

Why would a car idle too fast at times and the RPMs go up in all gears except 5th?

Check the throtle linkage to make sure it is free. If it is, take the idle control soloneid off and clean it and where it mounts on the throtle body

What causes idle speed to stay up when you press and release gas pedal?

Could be automatic choke stuck by bent spring or throtle linkage

Why would a 1998 Ford Windstar start running only at high rpms?

Either the throtle cable is hanging or the idle control solonoid is not working

Where is throttle position sensor on 1999 ram 1500 dodge ram?

Driver side of the throtle body.Driver side of the throtle body.

How can you adjust the way a 1993 Cavalier shifts by moving a cable?

If it has a cable attached to the throtle linkage, release it by moving the locking tang and pulling the cable all the way to the rear. Then get inside and floor the accelerator and it will automatically adjust the cable.

Do 89 dodge shadows with a 2.2L engine have a carburetor on it?

no they dont they have a throtle body injection(TBI) no they dont they have a throtle body injection(TBI)

What would cause a 1998 Taurus to stall intermittently when stopped?

Probably idle control sosonoid located on the throtle body. Take it off and clean it and where it mounts. Also cleqan the inside of the throtle body where the throtle plate is as a carrbon ring forms there.

Is it dangerous if you have one mount to fix?

Potentially but they are cheap and easy to fix. the engine will tend to twist under torque so linkage etc. could bind. Just get a new one and you only have to raise it by balancer a few inches to get it in. Be careful though and look it up. YOU DO have to disconnect or loosen up a few things even when moving the block that slightly to allow for movement. The other side for example but do not take all the way out, trans mounts (same) etc etc. hard throtle linkage, shift linkage.

Why does a 1991 Caprice Classic die when stopped at a light but start right back up quickly?

Hey Howard==It probably is the idle speed solonoid. Take if off of the throtle body and clean it with carb cleaner. Also clean the inside of the throtle body where the throtle plate is as a carbon ring forms around there. GoodluckJoe

Why does your scooter die at half throtle?

Plugged fuel filter.

How do you adjust the idle speed on a '91 Chevy Cavalier?

It is controlled by the computer and is not adjustable. If it is so slow that the engine wom't idle the idle control solonoid needs cleaning. It is attached tothe throtle body and clean it and where it mounts with carb cleaner. Also clean the inside of the throtle body where the throtle plate is as a carbon ring forms there.

Where is the air filter on a 1991 Firebird?

It is in the ducting before the throtle body.

Where is the idle control valve on a 1995 Toyota Corolla?

It is on the throtle body.

Once your engine warms up and you come to a full stop it seems to rev up and then bog down and sometimes stalls could a vacuum leak do this?

The idle solonoid is probably hanging. Remove it from the throtle body and clean it. 240SX? remove the AIV box and plug up the hoses

Where is the MAP sensor on a 2000 dodge RAM with a 360?

front of throtle body

Where is the idle air control valve located on a 2004 Dodge Stratus?

as you look at the throttle body (from the front of the vehicle) it is on the right side opposite the throtle linkage just under where the air tube from the air filter clamps to the throttle body. it has a two wire connector. yellow wire with a black tracer and a grey wire with a red tracer.

When you start your 1979 trans am the car runs wide open but the throtle works fine?

Have you checked the thermostat the car might just think its cold all the time. Check the linkage and make sure everything is loose and moving freely. I assume it has a 4 barrel carb. make sure the secondary are closing all the way.

What is wrong when you press the accelerator and the car doesn't respond?

The type of car would be helpful. Carb. or fuel injected? In either case it may be the cable or linkage is broken or disconnected. If fuel injected, the throtle position sensor may be bad or unplugged. If the car has been sitting, rodents could have chewed through a wire. Computer is bad.

1994 grand am blows heat out of dash vents when set to defog not window vent cool air blows out of window vents when climate control is set on ac which no longer works is this a fuse or module problem?

There is a small vacuum line for accessories in the engine compartment on top of the throtle position sensor that comes off and will cause this problem. very small hose...look on the intake throtle body for the will have other vacuum hoses attached there also but this one is easily overlooked cause its so small. Hope this helps

How do you take off the governor on a 49cc scooter?

should be where your throtle on your carb. its a screw with a spring.

Where is the air intake sensor on a 94 5.0L F150?

In the ducting before the throtle body,

What can make a 660 raptor go faster?

shift it and squeeze the throtle ya panzy

How do you start a mini bike?

put they key in, turn it, pump the kicker, and pull the throtle,

How do you change the throtle sensor for a 2001 Chevy blazer?

take the old one off