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Wrong, this is not an interference engine. The moving parts will not touch, so you will be fine. Replace the belt.

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YES, that may have caused a lot of damage to that engine. lets start with bent valves,damage pistons,push rods ,cam shaft,some cases crank shaft. well if everything went wrong engine overhaul/rebuild will be needed.

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if you were lucky, the engine shut down quickly enough to prevent has happened. good luck!

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Q: You have a 1999 ford contour the timing belt broke and the car stopped running could you have damage to the engine The ball bearings also fell out?
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Does it damage the engine if the timing belt breaks on a 1997 contour with the 4 cylinder engine?

i HAVE A 98 AND THE BELT BROKE TWICE AND DID NO DAMAGE TO THE ENGINE. The first time I was on freeway doing 75 and it broke. I have a '97 Contour and had no damage to the engine when my timing belt broke. Make sure you check your pulleys to ensure that the bearings are good. Mine were not and had to replace them.

What happens to a pool pump that is running without water?

It will overheat, warp the basket and lid and adjacent plumbing. Then damage the seal, plate and bearings. Then quit running.

Will water in your engine be harmful?

Yes it will damage the bearings.

What causes screeching from gear head when throttling up on a FS 55 stihl weed eater?

bearings in the the gear head damage or running dry need grease or replacement

Why are vibrations usually measured on the bearings of a machine?

The vibration usually measured on the bearings of machine because bearings are often the place where damage occurs and where symptoms first develop. Vibration measurements are usually taken at machine bearings, with accelerometers mounted at or near the bearings.

How long can pool pump run dry before damaging bearings?

Running a pump dry will not damage the motor bearings at all. It is the pump seal that gets damaged. Some of the more modern pumps have enough water in them to allow the pump to run dry for quite a long time before seal damage occurs. It is the heat build up from the friction on the seal that causes failure. If you have run your pump dry and see any leakage at all, replace the seal immediately. The leaking water may "crawl" up the motor shaft and that is what will damage the motor bearings.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of cast iron pulley?

It is heavy and might damage bearings

Your Geo stopped running and there is water in the oil how do you fix this?

Blown head gasket, or cracked head. Do not drive as serious engine damage will occur. Head must be removed, and repaired.

Will you have done damage to a transmission if you ran it dry in a cat backhoe?

Almost certainly. If the transmission is dry, it must have been running for some time without enough fluid to reach and lubricate at least some of the bearings. Unlubricated bearings at the very least will wear rapidly and become loose; at worst, they will overheat and seize.

Why would there be oil in with your spark plug in your Ford Contour 97?

might have Ring damage.

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Do you have to replace jetta bearings when you replace the hub?

are you talking about the front or back? the back bearings are a non serviceable part, the in order to change the bearings u need to change the hub, the front bearings can be separated, but chances are if you have to change your hub, bearings will have to be changed also, you will damage the bearings trying to remove them and put them back in, so my answer is yes. get the parts yourself from and you will save alot of money over dealer or most shops.

What damage could be done to a all wheel drive in towing?

The worst problem is that the transmission bearings do not get lubricated when the engine is not running. Depending on the distance towed, severe damage can result. Some vehicles have a way of disconnecting the drive train from the transmission so this doesn't happen. The owner manual will give instructions if this is possible.

How do you fix the bearings on a 2002 pt cruiser?

If the engine bearings are bad, then the oil pan will need to be removed to gain access. The engine will probably need to be removed and checked for other damage, as bad bearings can score the crankshaft requiring it to be turned smooth or replaced.

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Can engine damage occur if timing belt breaks 1998 Sophia?

yes!!!! if your timing belt is cracked or split, you should get it in asap! if your timing belt has broken the damage done all depends on what happened to break it/what were you doing when it broke? if you were driving when it happened ( not stopped) there will be extensive damage done if your car was on but you were stopped not as much damage.

How do you repair slight damage to a crankshaft?

Depending on the extent of damage, it can be reground and polished to the next size bearings be it .010, .020 or .030 over, .030 being the maximum.

How long can you drive your 1998 Subaru Legacy Outback with front wheel bearings that are going bad?

You can drive until the bearings fail, but this risks causing other damage and making the repair more expensive. If you know the bearings are failing and you don't plan on getting rid of the car in the near future, you may as well bite the bullet and get the bearings replaced.

What are the signs of a messed up crank?

Start the car, let it run for about ten seconds, then turn it off. Then as soon as the motor has stopped spinning, start it again. If the crank bearings or journals are bad, the car will have a tendency to hesitate before restarting. Careful not to damage the starter when you restart so quickly.

Will you damage your vehicle by running the AC and heat simultaneously?


What all damage can over heating do to a car?

Overheating can warp and crack cylinder heads, head gaskets and all bearings, especially crank bearings. In extreme it will destroy the engine

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