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try haveing the relay/solinoid checked. mostly i think you may need to replace the relay. the relay clicking usually is a sign its dieing.

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โˆ™ 2005-09-29 00:23:35
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Q: You have a 88 YJ and the relay on the sidewall near the firewall is clicking and once and awhile it wont start not even a click of the starter what could it be and why is the relay clicking?
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Why do when your car sit it starts right up and after it runs for awhile it wont start like the starter is bad or something?

"hot start" issue. Could be the solenoid, or starter itself.

Will a bad starter drain your battery in your suburban?

I have heard the alternator does it,cold drains the battery too,if it's not started for awhile can kill it.

Why would your van not start and make clicking noise took a jump ran for awhile and stopped running?

Bad battery, corroded battery connectors, weak charging system.

Where is the low pressure side for the ac to recharge for a 1998 Malibu?

it has been awhile since i have recharged the a/c on a malibu, but if i remember correctly it was located behind the engine, close to the firewall

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When you try to start your 91 Chev Cavalier all you get is a click for awhile it would start after a few attempts but now it won't start at all had the starter replaced a few months ago?

I'd say your starter motor was on its way out, and its now time to get a new one.

What is wrong when 1989 crown Victoria Car starts and runs turn it off starter drags until it sets awhile?

Most likely the starter should be replaced. When it heats up, it will turn the engine with a lot of strain. like the battery is low. When it cools down, it will turn freely.

Replacing a starter on a 1995 voyager?

I don't know about a 1995 but I changed the starter on my 1994 with a 3.3 engine and it was extremely easy. It's been awhile but it seems to me that there were only 2 bolts holding it on and they were easy to get at. I just disconnected the power, took out the 2 bolts and the starter came right out. The new starter cost me about $140.00 and I haven't had any trouble since and it's probably been 3-4 years and 40,000 mile ago.

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Why does the Suzuki Hayabusa 1300R won't crank after riden awhile?

I've come to the conclusion that the starter gets too hot.. try getting a gel battery they have true cranking amps alot better

Your 98 Chilkoot engine makes very slight clicking noise after first morning start up about 1-2 minutes Any idea what it might be Thanks?

I own a 98 Chilkoot as well. MAR 08 I started hearing the clicking noise immediately after ignition. Normally only once a day first thing in the morning. I can seem to figure out where it is coming from. I am going to replace the starter. What have you tried? Any more news on the problem? The clicking noise is so fast that it can't be lack o' lube.Jeff, Canadaliftersoften at start up your engines lifters will click because they are dry and quiet down once the oil is circulating well this is especially true with fluid lifters since oil pressure takes up the slack in the valve train get the starter checkedit may be a sign that your starters going bad. my Pontiac grand am , didnt have any noticeable signs then one day my car wouldn't start. i thought it might have been just the battery but turned out it was the starter- go figure- anyway they told me that the starter looks like it was going bad for awhile .they said sometimes there are no signs that it just goes out, like it did on me . so i had it changed hadnt had any problems since.

What could cause a 1990 Firebird to not charge when the NEW alternator checks out to be working just fine?

If the alternator tests good then it might not be a charge problem. Does it do it after you run it awhile? If so you might consider changing the starter. My 92 had a high priced starter on it and anytime you drove more than about 5 miles the battery acted like it was dead. It ended up the starter was getting hot and not turning over right.

Why will 84 cj7 start and run fine for awhile then cut out and cranks but does not turn over until cooled down?

check ur starter the internal metal brushed might be swelling up and stoping it from starting i had that happen on my old ford when oil driped in to the starter and when i would stop after the car was warm it would cut off and wouldn't start until the starter cooled when i replaced it, it never happened again.

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1994 ford ranger starts once in awhile

Why would a car start when cold but not start and cranks only after it's been driven awhile?

I'm not sure I understand the question but I do know this. If your car will start when it is cold, yet after driving it for awhile, you shut it off and then go to restart it and it wont start you need to have your starter and starter solenoid checked. Its happenened to me on 2 different cars. It seems that when the starter gets to hot it just jams up or freezes up and won't crank over the engine. Yet if the car sits for a little while it cools down and then seems to work just fine. Its defineately a sign that your starter and/or solenoid is about to die. Pull it out and have it checked.(auto zone will do it for free, its called a load test) There's a good chance that's your problem, if I understood the problem correctly. Good Luck, hope this helps. Mark H.

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Have an 03 trailblazer wont start once in awhile all electronics come on but wont turn over Replaced starter and relay and still have problem even with remote start Any ideas?

Had ther same problem, ignition switch fixed it.

2002 Impala does not start at times Battery and starter ok Happens sometimes one week or 2 weeks before it does not start Usually happens after driving around awhile After 5 minutes it will start.?

Probably a bad spot on the stater or the solenid

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