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You have a 95 Chevy G20 conversion van you have no heat you replaced the thermostat water pump heater core Coolant is running through with no problem but all you get warm air hoses don't get hot?


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June 14, 2006 8:41PM

I would suspect that the heater valve is not working. Locate the in line valve switch on the hot water supply line that usually sits just behind the radiator. Have someone move the cold to hot slide switch inside at the controls and see if the valve moves "opens". If not, the vacuum line that goes to it may have come off. You can manually open the valve too. I believe you have air trapped in the system. Try this: Elevate the front of the van such as on car ramps so that the radiator is sky high over the rest of the vehicle. Remove the rad cap, run the engine with cap off for 30 minutes and continue adding coolant as the air purges. This may take a while but it will work.Because this vehicle is somewhat high profile in the relation of heater core to rad cap this is necessary. I hope this helps you. Mark