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Lots of Monte questions! This is a question with a easy answer for a difficult reason. The idle speed on any 1995 to 2001 Monte Carlo is handled by a thing called the Idle Air Control(IAC) valve. What the valve does is regulate the amount of air that bypasses the throttle plate. The IAC valve is controlled by the Powertrain Control Module(PMC). The PMC is the black box we often called the cars "computer". The IAC valve can be checked with an ohmmeter and is either good or bad. The valve can't be adjusted nor can you mechanically adjust the engine's idle. The PMC also knows what's going on with your catalytic converter because it can read the O2 sensors and match that with other engine data. Long before the catalytic converter were to actually get "stopped up" the PMC would tell the "check engine light" to start yelling at you from it's location in the dash.

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Q: You have a 95 Monte Carlo and you need to know how to set the idle and what signs to look for if your catalytic converter is stopping up?
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Did the 1978 Monte Carlo have a catalytic converter?


Why do your Monte Carlo lack power?

My brothers 2003 Monte Carlo had this problem, was a plugged catalytic converter.

Can you take a catalytic converter off a 1985 monte carlo?

Not legally.

Can you take the catalytic converter off a 1985 Monte Carlo?

Not legally.

Where is 02 sencer on 97 Monte Carlo?

i have a 98 Monte Carlo myself and the o2 sensor in it is located behind the catalytic converter in the exhaust....... it is about in the middle of the car...

Can i take the catalyic converter off a 1985 Monte Carlo?

Not legally, but disregaring the law,a catalytic convertor can be removed from any vehicle.

Where are the oxygen sensors located on a 1999 Monte Carlo LS 3.1L?

1)Upstream sensor is located in the "y" pipe ahead of the catalytic converter. 2)Downstream sensor is located between the catalytic converter and the expansion chamber.

Where is the O2 sensor located on a 1987 Monte Carlo ls 4.3 engine?

you may have 2. one will be before the catalytic converter on your exhaust pipe. if there are 2 then one will be located after your catalyltic converter.

How many O2 sensors are on a Chevy Monte Carlo?

There are two, one located directly behind the rear Exhaust Manifold and one near the Catalytic Converter.

Where ARE the oxygen sensorS located on a 1996 Monte Carlo Z34 34L?

The location for the O2 sensor(s) are on the exhaust manifold in front(before catalyst, catalytic converter) for checking emissions from combustion chamber or behind (after catalyst) for analyzing emissions from the catalytic converter.

1997 Chevy Monte Carlo it over heats as soon as you start it why is that?

either you have blockage in the cooling line or your catalytic converter is having a constipation problem from blockage also

If you can find only the O2 sensor on the passenger side exhaust flange where do you look for the second on a 1995 Chevy Monte Carlo Z34?

There is one before and one after the catalytic converter.

How do you get to the up-stream O2 sensor to replace it on a 97 Monte Carlo Z34?

The upstream oxygen sensor is the one before the catalytic converter. It will require a special socket to remove and replace it. jd

Where is the oxygen censor on a 2001 Monty Carlo?

There are two oxygen sensors on your monte. One on the back side of the motor right after the coupler for the exhaust manifold and downpipe. The other is behind your catalytic converter.

What could be the problem with a 95 Monte Carlo that runs fine until it stops like at a redlight then stalls and dies?

The torque converter clutch may be staying engaged, causing it to kill the engine when stopping.

What would cause no acceleration power on your 2001 Monte Carlo SS?

clogged filter, carbon in the intake, foul spark plugs, dirty injectors, or engine failure!! This may be something to do with the catalytic converter. Check for a recall.

Does a 85 Monte Carlo have a catalytic converter?

it should all cars by law have to have them. but it depends were you live. some places dont care if you have one on or not. look under the car it should be close to the front of the car. close to the headers but not that close.

Does a 2006 Monte Carlo door fit a 2003 Monte Carlo?


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Where are the oxygen sensors located on a 2002 Monte Carlo SS engine?

There is one before and one after all catalytic converters.

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