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Are the plugs correct? and gapped correct? The list is extensive, take it to a shop worth their salt in troubleshooting to check it out. Knowing what the data stream says will give a clue as to what is happening. Is the check engine light on? A bad MAF sensor can do this, egr system failure, weak fuel pump, plugged fuel filter, leaking intake gasket-the list goes on. The $75.00 or so to troubleshoot will save a lot of time, greif and $. BECLEAR.

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Q: You have a 99 Cavalier platinum spark plugs were replaced a year ago wires and coils checked a week ago but car is jerky when idling and stalls out Any ideas as to what could cause this?
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Idling high on 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier?

2004 chevy cavalier is idling to high

When putting transmission fluid in 98 dodge ram 1500 does the need to run when putting the fluid?

You can pour it in at any time, but the level is checked with it idling in neutral.You can pour it in at any time, but the level is checked with it idling in neutral.

Why is your 2004 cavalier idling to high?

the only thing i can think of is a crack in the intake manifold. my cavalier's manifold cracked and it was idling at like 2500RPM as opposed to the normal 1000-1500, also i had trouble with my brakes and misc other problems because of the crack. if it is just idling too high and there are no other problems i would guess that it is just compensating for the cold. if there are other little issues, i would look into having your intake manifold checked out. gotta take care of your baby because cavaliers are such great cars...... :p

94 E320 Mercedes idling up and down?

Have your sensors checked.

Why would 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier 2.2l run rough when idling?

timing off

Do I check transmission oil level with engine idling or not on my Camry 2002?

Trans fluid is always checked with car level and idling while warmed up.

My Pontiac grand prix 93 overheats unless idling or going slow i replaced thermostat and water pump flushed radiator and replaced coolant and bled it I checked oil for milky color its fine?

did you use the right anti-freeze or you may have a bad fan/fan switch

Why is my Chevy Cavalier killing at stop signs?

Try adjusting the idling speed - sounds like idling speed is too low so when you take your foot off the gas it can't idle (Tick over)

How should the transmission fluid be checked on a 2002 Ford Escape?

The engine should be hot and idling in park.

Why does your car rev drop when you accelerate on idling?

Um that's not right, that's a red flag. Get it checked out.

Jeep tj how to check trany fluid in gear or in park?

The automatic transmission fluid is checked idling in neutral.

2001 Chevy cavalier no heat turns cold while driving idling its hot why?

I'd check the coolant level first, then the thermostat.

What do you think is wrong with my 93 cavalier idles good Drives good but stalls when stopping in drive or idling in drive checked all vacuume lines and all fine?

Possibly a defective torque converter lock-up solenoid. Disconnect the solenoid and see if that cures the problem. If so replace the solenoid.

Why would your Dodge Durango stall when idling at a stop light?

Your Dodge Durango may stall when idling at a stop light for a couple of reason. One reason may be that a part needs to be replaced on the car.

What would cause a 91 cavalier to run at high temps while idling with the coolant reservoir still full?

Radiator could be plugged or restricted

How do you check transmission fluid on a Chevy Blazer?

The transmission fluid on a Chevy Blazer can be checked by idling the engine and allowing it to reach operating temperature. The dip stick can then be removed and checked based on the markings provided.

What would cause the 92 Ford Aerostar to stall while idling?

The most likely cause of a 1992 Ford Aerostar stalling while idling is bad spark plugs. The plugs should be changed and the timing checked to resolve the problem.

Why does your jeep cut out at 2900 rpms and is idling rough and engine light is blinking?

Have it checked for codes. There will be a misfire code that will let you know what cylinder has the problem.

How do you fix the idling on a 2001 Ford Focus?

my idling on my 2001 ford focus is not idling correct, tried to adjust idling but there is no screw or way to adjust why?

2000 sl surging and idling high?

I have the same problem. I believe the idle air control valve either needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Your car is sputtering when you try to accelerate and it also dies when it ildles for too long can someone tell you what you need to fix or replace?

This is happening to my car right now and Im just getting the car idling fixed. It can't be for sure, but your car may need the idling checked.

What is the problem with a 1989 trans am v8 5.0l 305cid when the intake air control valve has already been replaced and the car is still idling at 2000rpms or more?

Sounds like the throtle position sensor is bad. Have it checked on a computer at a garage. The parts store computers cannot give good codes to narrow it down.

95 Chevy Impala runs hot when left idling because the fans won't turn on I unpluge the temp sensor the fans start to run I have replaced the thermostat both temp sensors antifreeze checked the fuse?

Check your grounds, wiring & plugs to start. The grounds on the engine are a good place to start

What may cause bad idling on 2002 Oldsmobile Aurora?

check the wires, if they are crossed up you get bad ilding. my aurora was idling around 1500 rpm's, but after having all the spark plugs and boots replaced it went back to around 600...see if that helps

Why would a 1997 Mercury Mystique vibrate while idling?

Have motor mounts checked.AnswerYeah, it's most likely the motor mounts, I had mine replaced, it was also vibrating when the heat or a/c was on. it could also be the flex tube