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A good idea before you start it is to be sure the piston rings aren't seized in the cylinders. With a large socketwrench on the crank pully nut you can rotate the engine by hand.(much easier with plugs out). Some people use a little sprayer to spray mineral oil or light oil in the plug holes to get a good seal, as there's been no oil on the rings to achieve this as normal. Another suggestion is to pour oil onto the rockers & lifters, by removing the valve pan. Depends though on the car. If it's new, & been sitting, you have a lot more to loose. If its an older 'beater', & the motor was good when parked, I'd try rotating the motor first by hand in case it is seized. I would agree with the above ,the auto will need fresh fuel & filter along with fresh oil & fliter

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Q: You have a VW golf in your driveway and you havent run it for 2 years should it be okay?
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