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I have a 1984 and a 1995 full sized Dodge van. My first try was to get one from the junk yard. They didn't have one so, I found a piece of vacuum hose that was slightly larger (or smaller will do) than the ones coming to the connector. Cut 1" pieces from the vacuum hose and splice them together. There will be problems with your system if you don't get all the vacuum lines back to their original connections. I simply went by the color codes on my 1995 van to get them correct. Securely tape the lines together when all is well. (Not pretty but works greatl) Good luck Forrest

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2008-01-16 06:16:10
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Q: You have an 1985 full sized Dodge Ram van The femail end of the vacumn hose tree in the dash fell apart Any idea what to call it to get a new one?
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