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the brown coler is most likely just a time you had less flow and as for your cycle if your diet changes or stress or even your activity level changes your cycle can be thrown off if you are that worried i would ask your doctor

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Can you still be pregnant if you got your period a week after you were ovulating?

Experiencing a period a week after your ovulating is a bit too early for a period. However, if you had sex or TTC then its possible it could be Implantation bleeding. Especially if the bleeding is light.

Why am i bleeding and cramping and my period stopped a week ago?

You are probably ovulating

Can you have menstrual symptoms but no bleeding?

Yes. Pre-menstrual symptoms. This is what you get before you have a period, often when you are ovulating (releasing an egg)

Does it mean you're not ovulating if you don't have a period?

If you are not ovulating at all, you will not have a period.

Can I ovulate and have a period at the same time I am fairly sure I am ovulating but I am bleeding aswell too much for it to be classed as ovulation bleeding. Any ideas?

Yes, that's possible

Why did you started bleeding two weeks after your period started?

Was it a proper period or just spotting? If it was a proper period, if it happens again, you need to speak to your doctor. If it was spotting, then it was probably because you were ovulating because many women experience spotting when they are ovulating (releasing an egg) as this occurs roughly 2 weeks after your period

How do you know if you have stopped ovulating?

Hi, I am 48 year old. I have not had a period in 6 or 7 months. I had intercorse yesterday and this morning I began hurting in my lower back, this afternoon I have began bleeding. I am not on birth control. I thought I was finished with that part of my life. Since I started bleeding am I still ovulating?

I am bleeding red blood 14 days after my last period what is wrong with me?

This is normal. You are ovulating and most women bleed slightly during ovulation

You dont know what is going on with you but you have been bleeding since monday night you had your period on the 13th of August and it ended on the 17th and you started to bleed again its like blood a?

Have you been having unprotected sex? Maybe it is implantation bleeding, when the fertilized egg implants itself in the uterine wall.

Does your period last the whole 7 days while on the placebo pills for birth control?

It may for the first few cycles, you can expect the bleeding to become much lighter over time. The bleeding while using BCP is breakthrough bleeding, not an actual period, as you are not ovulating. It starts in the days after your last hormonal pill in the packet.

When is a girl ovulating?

The week after her period

How can you know when you are ovulating?

cause you get your period

If you ended your period nov. 16 are you ovulating on this day nov. 26?

It is supposed to be 15 days after the beginning of your cycle, which would be before you started bleeding. Because you shouldn't be ovulating 10 days after the beginning of your cycle, and 10 days after.

How can you tell the difference between your period and implantation bleeding or what does it mean if you bleed lightly between your periods?

If you bleed lightly during your periods it is probably because you are ovulating. The difference between a period and implantation bleeding is that a period is heavier and lasts for longer and will need a tampon or sanitary towel, but implantation bleeding is light, not constant and only lasts about 1-2 days. You only need a pantyliner

Is it possible im pregnant seeing i had light pink discharge on monday then period like bleeding tues ten days before your period with small clots?

i'M NOT SURE. i HAD THE SAME SYMPTOMS, AND I AM SUPPOSED TO GET MY PERIOD ON TUESDAY. We are trying to concieve... this could be implantation bleeding.

Are you ovulating if you have a period?

maybe... but most women ovulate right after their period.

Can you conceive during a period?

You can become pregnant while ovulating or on your period.

What does it mean if you start you period on day you ovulate?

If your period wasn't due & you're on birth control, then this is break through bleeding. Birth control stops you from ovulating. If you're currently on the 7day break or sugar pills then this is normal.

How long after the end of your period can you get pregnant?

you can not get pregnant while you have your period. you can only get pregnant when you are ovulating. ovulation happens about two weeks after your last period. if you are trying for a baby then the doctors can tell you when you are ovulating

How do you know when you're ovulating if you don't have a period?

If you don't have periods you are probably not ovulating. See an Ob/gyn

Can you spot 7 days after you just stopped your period and are trying to conceive in the time you are ovulating?

I have heard of something called implantation bleeding. This occurs when a fertilized egg actually implants in the uterine wall. This bleeding would be light & pinkish, not like menstruation.

How likely is pregnancy on your period?

It is an "old wife's tale" that says that you can't get pregnant while on your period. Some women are ovulating while still on the cycle of "bleeding". Women need to consult their Doctors regarding ovulation and fertility issues.

How many days do you wait after you have your period to get pregnant?

you do it before your period.. while ovulating.

When are most women ovulating?

14 days after her period.

You came off the pill in January now trying to conceive and you are ovulating you have just had a 2 day period however you usually have a longer one Is there a problem Will you be able to conceive?

This may be caused by a irregular period or even a early pregnancy bleeding.