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You have hot water going into the heater core hose on your 2000 dodge neon but no hot water coming out the outlet hose is there a valve in the core that should open?


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2007-02-25 22:13:12
2007-02-25 22:13:12

There is no valve, it is probably clogged up.

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Heater Core is the likely culprit

Make sure there is vacuum going into the passanger compartment. There should be a vacuum line from the intake manifold goung into the cab. GoodluckJoe

It should be in the heater blower motor case which is located under the glovebox.

they should be coming to the dealers by March.

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The heater core on a Dodge Dakota is inside the HVAC housing, under the dash.

Cooling fans? should be behind the radiator Heater fan - should be against firewall on passenger side

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You remove heater core in doge neon by smashing the windows then taking off the doors so you can get th the heater core then you get a crowbar and rip it out (if this destroys your dodge neon then your car isn't a real dodge neon).

your heater core is leaking anitfreeze! heatercoreleaks antifreeze into the heater & ac vents causing a burnt spell & oily film on the front window.

Its in the outlet of the condenser.

I assume you mean smoke and water are coming from the A/C vents. I suspect you are seeing steam and coolant. You probably have a heater core leaking.I assume you mean smoke and water are coming from the A/C vents. I suspect you are seeing steam and coolant. You probably have a heater core leaking.

You need to recover the R134 charge, remove the whole dashboard, then remove the a/c heater box to get to the heater core. The heater core should be accessible right next to the gas pedal. No dash removal is necessary.

Disconnect the inlet and outlet hose going to the heater core, and connect them together. Do not plug either hose, just simply connect them together. Go to an auto parts store and tell them what you want to do. They can supply the proper connector and clamps. The inlet and outlet hoses are located, passenger side, entering the firewall.

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