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you can drive until nobody caught you, ans by : Srinivasa Reddy

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Is it illegal not to have a photo driving Licence?

Yes, driving without a license in the United States is illegal.

What is an international driving licence?

An international driving licence (or license) is a multilingual guide to the information on the driver's license issued by the government in your country, state, province, etc. The international driving licence does not allow you to drive without your government-issued licence, it simply allows authorities in other countries to understand the information on that licence.

Can you drive a 50cc moped on a full driving licence without a test?


What are the consequences of driving without a valid UK licence?

You can be convicted for number of faults if you are driving without a driving license. For example you can also be convicted for not having insurance. Because driving without valid driving license invalidates your insurance also.

What does a full UK driving license mean?

A 'full UK driving licence' refers to a driving licence issued by a UK authority that entitles the bearer to drive a car on the public highway without L plates or supervision.

Can you buy a road motorcycle in UK without a license?

You can buy a car or motorcycle without a driving licence in the UK.

What is the minimum age in India to get a driving license?

18 is the minimum age for getting driving licence. person who cross the age of 14 can get licence for motor cycle without gear (with parental acceptance. his/her parent personally sign in leaner's licence forum.)

How much is the maxiam fine for a first conviction of driving without a licence?

$200 dollars fine

Is it illegal to drive my dads car if i don't have insurance but he does?

It is obviously illegal if you are on the wheel of the car without having valid driving licence. Your dad having the valid driving licence, will not prove your point in the eyes of the law.

Can you own a car title without a lincense?

In the UK you can own a car without having a driving licence but you can't legally drive it.

Are there motor vehicles that you can drive without a driver's license?

Yes,u can drive battery cycle...................................that doesn't need licence

What happens if you get caught driving without a licence in Ohio?

A misdemeanor offense. Up to 6 months in jail.

How much will driving without a licence cost you in California?

a lot dude don't even bother doing it

Can a person temporarily opperate a farm vehicle without a licenses?

It may depend on the state's law, but generally, all motor vehicles can be operated without a driver's licence off the roads. This includes farm equipment. It can generally be used on your own property or on that of someone else who has already given permission. A driver's licence is generally only needed when you are driving on state/town roads.

What happens if you drive without license?

I was driving without a licence and insurance and first time they caught me i had an accident and then another three times. They took me to court after 6 months and they give me £150 for driving without insurance four times=£600+£70 for driving without a driving licence four times £240+for ofencing the law £50 four times £200 Sow that's £1040+1 year band+9 points.

Can you drive without a license in the UK?

No. It is not legal to drive in the UK without a licence. You must be 17 to hold a full licence. Learners must apply for a provisional driving licence this can be done while 16, however you must be at least 17 to drive a car in the UK.

Driving a car with a permit and no adult in the car?

That is illegal and is treated as operating a vehicle without a licence. If caught you could get your permit taken away, suspended, or even get your licence revoked.

How much is the maximum fine for first conviction of driving without a licence?

1st conviction up to $200 fine

What are some major traffic violations?

Driving Under the Influence/Driving While Intoxicated, Reckless Endangerment, no insurance, driving on a suspended or revoked licence, operating a commercial vehicle without a CDL..

How long can you hold a license without driving a car?

A licence (or license) ALLOWS you to drive a car. It does not REQUIRE you to drive a car.

What happens if i didn't finish paying my driving without a licence fine?

You will probably find that your driving privileges are suspended, or will be shortly. Don't 'stiff' the state, they hold all the cards.

Can you trade in your car at a dealership for another car without a driver license?

It is a requirement to have a driving licence to buy cars in some countries.

Can i drive a motor vehicle in UK without a driving license?

No. Unless you are on private land (not common land) with the permission of the landowner A full licence issued in some other countries can be recognised as a licence in UK.

Can learner drivers carry passengers?

A learner driver in South Africa has to be accompanied by a person who holds a driving licence. Under no circumstances may he ride without the holder of driving licence. A learner driver may carry passengers as long as those passengers are not paying him / her for the ride.

Who doesn't need a driving license in the UK?

Everyone has to have a licence to drive any form of vehicle on public roads in the UK. Whilst a licence is required to drive on a public road, any person may drive on private land without a licence with the consent of the landowner, but it is illegal - regardless of any licence or not - to drive without lawful authority on any common public land, such as moorland.