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it could be you headlite switch or a broken wire under ur car

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โˆ™ 2006-08-20 15:39:52
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Q: You have no taillights all bulbs fuses and connections are good what else could it be?
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If you have power checked fuses and bulbs and still no taillights what could be the problem?

only thing left to check is the light switch

Why don't you have taillights on your S10 if no fuses or bulbs are blown?

Could be a bad ground or bad wire leading to the tailights possibly a bad brake light switch.

My 1989 Honda accords taillights went out and you checked the fuses and bulbs and they are both fine any ideas?

its the tail light fuse

Why do my backup light doesn't turn on?

the bulbs are probably burnt out, though it could be a bad connection or sensor or fuse or sveral other things. check the bulbs and fuse first though check your bulbs, fuses, and connections,

What could cause the dashlights and taillights not to turn on in a 1992 Toyota celica if all the fuses are good?

If fuses check out fine, then check the dashlights and taillights themselves, if those check out then most likely there is an electrical problem elsewhere

1998 F-150 taillights don't work?

Change the tail light bulbs and check your fuses. If that doesn't work you may have a wiring problem.

What if your 2000 Buick Le Sabre left rear taillights and license plate lights are both out on the trunk and the fuses are OK so what's the problem?

check the bulbs?

My headlights work but I have no taillights or brakelights?

WHAT ARE YOU DUMB REPALCE YOUR LIGHT BULBS STUPID! Not stupid replaced circuit boards checked fuses ran test light . When headlights are on no brake light or taillights and have all new bulbs stupid. Turn headlights off brake lights work, so figure that out smart man

Where are the taillights fuses for a Nissan Xterra?

There is a fuse box under the hood (passenger side). I know the the fuses for the head lights are there. The fuse for the taillights is there and is labeled. This fuse includes the running lights but is not labeled as such.

What are possible solutions if trailer brake lights don't work on 2005 GMC Canyon?

Check fuses, check bulbs, check connections.

Why are both my dashboard and taillights out on my 1994 pathfinder?

Did you check all the fuses? Other things would be a wiring harness connector becoming unseated or dirty, all the bulbs are burnt out or a wire is cut.

You have no brake lights on your truck and it not the bulbs or the switch on the pedal what could be the problem?

Check all the fuses. If not bulbs or switch that's all that it can be,

What to do when brake lights do not work on 98 tacoma and fuses are ok When pedal is pushed clicking can be heard in dash.?

The clicking sound is normal when u push down the brake pedal, mine does the same thing, try checking the connections to your taillights and if that doesn't work it might very well be your bulbs. And if it's not that, i don't know what to tell you.

How do you troubleshoot brake lights?

Start at the basics. Bulbs, fuses, then you need to get serious and check wires and connections. It is best if you have an electrical tester to check for power.

How do you troubleshoot tail lights?

Bulbs, Fuses, switch, connections. See sources and related links below to lookup tail light bulb numbers.

Why wont your reverse lights come on with new bulbs and fuses?

you could have possibly bought the wrong bulbs and/or fuses. or when you were replacing them you may have damaged the wires. Also the reverse light switch may be defective.

Have no head lights or running lights but have taillights?

Check your fuses. See owner's manual fo rlocation and identification of fuses.

What has fuses in them?

light bulbs

Why are the lights inside the console not working on a 1998 Plymouth neon?

check your bulbs and fuses check your bulbs and fuses

Why does the tail lights on your 1990 chervolet not work when the headlights are on?

The obvious would be the bulbs are burnt, then look at the fuses for the taillights, and then the wiring. The holders where the lights themselves plug in are bad sometimes; you can get them cheap at a pick-a-part yard.

Why won't a 1989 Ford Mustang LX tailights and dash lights work if the headlights signals and dome light work and all fuses and bulbs are OK?

Check the light switch for a burnt connector. Your Taillights are on a different fuse than your headlights or directionals I would recheck your fuses again. Could also be worth checking for open circuit wiring and bulb holders?

What could be wrong if there are no dash lights or taillights on a 1988 GMC truck?

the dash lights and tail lamps are on the same fuse. you might also replace your headlight switch,they are prone to going bad CHECK THE WORED FUSES UNDER DASH AN UNDER HOOD IF NOT TAKE OUT THE GAUGES AN CHEK THE BULBS..

What could be wrong when the headlights don't work on high or low beam but the fuses and bulbs are good?

The switch.

You don't have taillights working on 1995 Mitsubishi mirage have new relay switch bulbs and fuses look good have backup lights what do you check next?

Try the dimmer switch, and or, check that your body has a good ground to the frame, and battery.

Hi just bought an old BMW 3 series 1992 and needed to change the bulbs for the brake lights. Replaced the bulbs and checked fuses but can not get the bulbs to work. Could anybody help please?

Likely to be the brake light switch on the pedal at fault if the bulbs and fuses are good and other lights work ok.