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Check your fluid. If it's brown, instead of red... or it smells burnt... chances are the third and fourth gear clutch packs are in need of replacement.

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Q: You have slippage in trns34 gear could it be electrical?
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What is the meaning of this error jeep liberty 2007 P0733 Gear 3 Incorrect ratio?

When the trasnmission shifted into 3rd gear, the computer detected slippage.When the trasnmission shifted into 3rd gear, the computer detected slippage.

What does this mean P0731 gear 1 incorrect ratio?

It means that the computer detected a transmission slippage in 1st gear.

Using a lubricant thicker than service manual specifications can lead?

Gear slippage

What is winter mode on Volvo v70?

Vehicle is started off on 3rd gear...reducing tire slippage on slippery roads...

What is the advantage of using helical gear than spur gear in transmission?

In the helical gear, the length of the contact teeth is more than straight the chances of slippage are less. For all heavy load transfer,helical gears are used.

What are the symptoms of a bad clutch plate in a 1991 Chevy S10?

Clutch chatter, clutch slippage and difficulty getting transmission into gear when stopped.

Why does your 1996 Dodge Van autotmatic transmission start in second gear?

That is the safety default (limp in) gear. The trans computer has detected a problem. You need to have the tcm checked for codes. The problem could be electrical or mechanical.

How does a distributor gear wear out?

The distributor gear might wear out in an older vehicle that has high mileage, just because of wear and tear on the parts. A newer vehicle with less than 70,000 miles should not have the distributor gear wearing out. If this is the case, an electrical problem could have caused this to malfunction.

Why does a 1994 Mazda Miata automatic transmission slip in 4th gear?

A 1994 Mazda Miata's automatic transmission may slip in 4th gear if the bands are heavily worn. When the bands become worn, they are unable to grip properly and cause slippage.

Why would your car feel like it shifting gears going down the high way but not in low speeds like in town?

Automatic transmission shifts can be related to fluid temperature and some vehicles also have sport style settings that can change shift quality. If the shifting is irregular and causing unusually high engine speeds this could be a symptom of transmission gear slippage. Gear slippage can result in transmission damage, and should be checked as soon as possible. Automatic transmissions are complex systems, and their overhaul/replacement can be very expensive repairs.

Is gear slippage a symptom of low transmission fluid on a 1965 mustang 289?

Could be. Check the level first. If that is ok, then maybe a trans filter kit will do the trick. Could be clogged. Always try the simple stuff first. You might be surprised. If none of the simple stuff works, then there might be a trans issue. And for that, there is no fix except replacement.

What is gear and gearing?

1..Gears are components which are being used for large power transmission at shorter distances. 2..velocity ratio could be improved and hence slippage is being reduced other than that of using belts,ropes,chain drives.... 3..types of gears are involute gear,spur,helix,herringbone or double helix gear, MITRE,bevel, harmonic,cage gears,etc whereas gearing referred to mating with the other one...>>>>>>.

Is both circuit breaker and circuit gear have same functions?

circuit breaker is break the electrical circuit .circuit gear is generator analyzer

Is the clutch or the linkage the problem when a car can be put into gear but doesn't move.?

Most likely the clutch is shot. When the clutch plate can't engage with the transmission there will be slippage between the engine and the drive wheels.

Are fire sprinklers required in electrical switch gear rooms per electrical codes and if present are they required to be removed?

This is a building code question, not an electrical code question. In my experience, switch gear rooms are protected by sprinklers just as any other room. I know that doesn't sound right, but it is what it is.

What is wrong with 95 Chrysler town and Country 3.8 when you put the van in gear and it dies?

Your idle speed might be too low, clogged air filter, timing could be drastically off, or it could be electrical. Good luck

Does electrical toothbrush have a gear?

They might because they need something to make the thingy rotate

If a 1996 Nissan 240SX does not go in reverse but the other gears work fine could it be electrical or a transmission problem?

Electrical - check voltage to "reverse" selonid. With my knowledge on Nissans, it could also be a transmission problem. If it is a 5-speed, it is more than likely the tranny. Reverse is the gear that goes out first most of the time

What are the symptoms of a failing transmission on a Ford Taurus?

There are multiple warning signs indicating the failure of automatic transmission. If the dipstick fluid shows a burnt smell or is black there could be a heat condition. Failure to hold gear, as in high rpms/engine speed and not shifting up is known as slippage. if the vehicle cannot stay in gear the clutch packs could be worn out or damaged. Sound such as grinding while in gear indicate the failure of hard metal parts, Automatic transmissions are complex and such issues require inspection and diagnosis by trained professionals as soon as possible for safety and to prevent further damage.

Is a transmission with 3 speeds plus OD called a 3 speed or a 4 speed?

4 speed. There are three speeds in which the transmission permits more slippage between the engine flywheel and the torque converter. The OD, or "overdrive" gear is a fourth gear that creates a direct mechanical connection between the transmission and engine. This creates a higher gear ratio that improves gas mileage.

What could be the reason a car runs rough when in gear but braked at a light?

it is in auto gear

Why do you have so many electrical problems with your 1998 Sebring - Wipers won't turn off stereo changes volumes automatically gear shift lights randomly come on Air Bag light goes on and off.?

You might have electrical problems with your 1998 Sebring because there is a problem with the main computer or "brain" of the vehicle. This could cause the wipers, gear shifter, and air bag to malfunction.

Will changing the gear ratio provide better fuel economy?

It could, or it could make it worse. There are a lot of factors in gear ratio selection.

Could Metal Gear Solid 3 on computer?

Metal Gear Solid 3 is not on PC.

What could I use as a website name for selling motorcycle gear and apparel?

2Wheel Apparel & Gear