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i have had the same experience. SOMEBODY HELP!! they seem to increase....

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โˆ™ 2008-10-29 18:29:05
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Q: You have small red blotches of skin with very small bumps on your forearms and they seem to spread with scratching any ideas?
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What are itchy bumps on forearms?

bug bites?

What could cause little red bumps in the back of your throat?

if they are red sort of blotches then they can just be ulcers.

What could explain small itchy bumps that appear on the skin after scratching?


What is it when a 1 yr old has red blotches on stomach with small bumps?

i think its blood blisters or somethin grose like that

What could cause just a few small flesh colored slightly itchy bumps on your elbows and forearms?

some bad shizznitt

Causes of bumps on the vagina that spread and enlarge?


What could tiny itchy bumps be that look like razor bumps and started on the hands and spread to the arms?

Sun bumps are the scab-like bumps that form on your hands, arms, legs, and someimes even the face.

What could tiny itchy bumps spread over your back be?


Does chickenpox leave scars?

Yes, chickenpox can leave scars, most often if you get a secondary infection of chickenpox bumps due to scratching.

How do you get rid of the red bumps on your legs after veet hair removal cream?

Im not sure i use veet hair removal cream and i have red blotches the size of golf balls

What does the bumps mean on a dog?

Bumps on a dog can mean more than one thing. They may be a reaction to flea or tick bites, in which case your dog will likely be scratching. They may also be fatty tumors that some dogs get, which can be alarming but not harmful. If the bumps are red or if they seem to painful, check with a vet to get a diagnosis.

What bug leaves red bumps on you when they bite and can be spread to person to person?

bed bugs

What kind of itchy bumps turn into a rash an spread?

Smallpox, Chickenpox, Monkeypox, Cowpox

What is the cause and treatment of little reddish pinkish rash bumps that appear just around the stomach and spread to the back with itching?

what is the cause and treatment of little reddish pinkish rash bumps that appear just around the stomach and spread to the bac with itching?

What causes itchy bumps that start off colorless but turn red when scratching?

Often it's an allergic reaction, but if you have any questions at all, contact your physician.

What is a flat rash that has no bumps on it and that doesnt itch or smell mean?

It means that you are scratching yourself way too hard. Try Olay Quench Body Lotion to help with this.

What idiomatic expressions with the word pizza are there?

One is 'pizza face', which means that someone's face is full of bumps and blotches. "Pizza Connection" was used in reference to a Mafia trial where pizza parlors were trafficking in heroin and laundering money.

Will you get bumps on your areolas if you are pregnant?

Yes. The bumps you're referring to are called Montgomery glands or Montgomery's tubercles, and they can become more prominent during pregnancy. These bumps can resemble pimples and can spread out sporadically around the areola. The number of the bumps can range anywhere from around four up to 28 or so per areola.

What are these hard intensely itchy fluid-filled bumps that spread on the knudkles of the hand?

Vesicular Exema

How does scabies affect your body?

Scabies cause intense itching, rashes, and red bumps; could cause scarring of the skin from scratching. No major chronic health effects; but major irritation.

What are these large red itchy mosquito-size bumps on butt cheeks that have spread to testicles and shaft of penis?


What is posin ivy?

poison ivy is a piousness plant that gives you itchy bumps all over you body and is very easy to spread

What are red bumps on your stomach that spread over your upper body It wasn't that bad but after a workout and sweating it spread pretty bad any ideas?

chicken pox usually start on the stomach and spread. that would be my guess, if it's not that it could be a reaction to a lotion or soap.

What are these little bumps sore bumps that have suddenly appeard and spread on your hands?

If they are itchy and blister like, they are viral and will go away. However, it's kind of like herpes and will return. Usually from stress. A dermatologist can give you or whoever cream that will suppress it.

Bumps on tongue?

the bumps are sugar bumps. its when you at too much sugar.