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Leaking heater core or leaking windshield. If it taste sweet, it is coolant and the heater core is leaking. i have a 96 and i found that the fire wall has rusted out from the drain holes under the hood and the rack has pulled oof This is a very common problem with the 92-96 Berettas, I am almost positive that it is NOT a leaking windshield or leaking heater core. The water leak is because of a factory defect. There is a gap in the seam in the fresh air inlet under the hood in the cowl area(passenger side). The water usually ends up on both passenger and drivers side. I have had 3 Berettas and they all have had this problem!

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โˆ™ 2007-04-06 16:55:40
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Q: You have standing water on the drivers side floor of your 1993 beretta does anyone know where it is coming from?
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