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Caput medusa is a pattern of distended veins on the abdomen, and is a sign of liver disease.

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Is there a problem if you are spotting in the middle of a pack of pills?

Yes there may be. You need to see your Doctor.

What does it mean when it hurts to bend my middle finger?

It depends on which way you might bend it. If you find that it hurt when you make a fist, you may have nerve problem, muscle problem or joint problem. Only a doctor who takes a look at it can tell you.

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Can a doctor prescribe a different controlled substance in the middle of the month?

can a doctor prescribe a different controlled substance in the middle of the month

I have a bone protruding out of my lower middle chest just unsure what it is?

You're probably describing pectus carinatum, which is a deformity of the chest caused by the sternum (breast bone) and ribs poking out where they meet in the middle.

Is cephalexin ok for middle ear infection?

Do not self medicate, if you have a medical problem go and see a qualified medical practitioner (a Doctor) about your problem. The Doctor has bee trained for at least 6 years to be able to diagnose and treat what is wrong with you. Use of medications without the supervision of a Doctor is dangerous and contributes to medicines becoming ineffective as pathogens evolve to tolerate them.

What is a medieval doctor?

A medieval doctor is one who lived in the middle ages.

What were the methods to cure and deal with illness in the middle colonies?

they would have the town doctor come and examine the problem. Then they would give the person special herbs and tea.

What is best to treat strep throat and middle ear infection?

Go and see a qualified medical practitioner (a Doctor) about your problem. The Internet is NO PLACE to get advice about PERSONAL medical conditions.

Where is cutter in the middle east?

If by "cutter" you mean "Qatar", then it is a peninsula connected to Saudi Arabia, protruding into the Persian Gulf. It is also quite close to the island country of Bahrain.

Last night you had a bad nosebleed woke up in your sleep covered in blood?

Call your doctor. If it happens again, go to the hospital. My sister used to get these all the time, but it usually happened in the middle of winter, when we didn't have the humidifier on...I don't know what your problem is. Go to the doctor.

What is Doctor Who's middle name?

The Doctor's name - first, middle, or last - has never been revealed.

What does the doctor do in the middle ages?

the Doctor cured people and if people were sick he would make medicine for them in return of money.

Why is the main action of a play in the middle of the production?

The Problem

What actors and actresses appeared in The Middle-East Problem - 2010?

The cast of The Middle-East Problem - 2010 includes: Dennis Prager as Himself - Host

What are the bad things about being a doctor?

your always on call, you might be called in in the middle of the night, hard to stuy to become a doctor.

Is bleeding red blood and clots in early pregnancy normal?

you will bleed if you in the middle of your period and near the time of birth of your child. in clots... maybe ask a doctor but it should be normal. Also take asurvey of you friends to see if they have the same problem if to see if that clot thing is normal. If not GO TO YOUR DOCTOR.

What problem was identified by Church reformers during the Middle Ages?


What is a denoument in a story?

The denouement is the middle of the problem/ the beginning of the resolution.

Why should you not pinch your nose to avoid middle ear infection?

Actually a doctor told me that I should do pinch my nose and blow when i had a middle ear infection you can blow are hard as you want the doctor told me nothing will happen but i would still go to a doctor and ask that question i might be wrong

Sentence with however in the middle?

I will wait however long it takes to see the doctor.

What is the most common ear problem Hearing loss Middle ear infection Deafness Tinnitus?

Middle Ear infection

What does the star mean when it is in the middle of your math problem?

The symbol "*" means multiply.

How do you get through a problem when you are in the middle of doing your name on pixie hollow?


Has Rory left Doctor Who forever?

Rory is leaving with Amy in the middle of series 7.