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Ask your friend to talk with him.

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What do i do if i like some one but they don't like you back?

tell them it works i really liked someone and then i told them and they said they liked me amd now he is my boyfriend!

What do you do when you broke up with your boyfriend and you miss him so much and want him back but you don't know if he would ever go back to you?

Call him and tell him you miss him. Then ask him if you could start hanging out with him again. If he says no, that means he never really liked you, and you are better off with someone else that REALLY likes you and will love you forever.

You broke up with your boyfriend and now you want him back?

Its happened to me. Twice. I think if you really like this guy then swallow your pride and go for it.

Does rainie yang have a boyfriend?

No Rainie Yang does not have a boyfriend. She recently broke up with her boyfriend, Qiu Shengyi back in April.

What if you're in middle school and your boyfriend broke up with you over a month ago and you really want him back should you tell him how you feel?

Well, I have been through some thing like that, I'm 14 as well. My first boyfriend broke up with me and I really wanted him back. But then, as the weeks went on I decided that I was better off with out him. I really think that at this age relationships are really stupid because were not that mature. In my honest opinion, I think you should get over him.

Should you get back with your ex-boyfriend?

i do, it depends, why you broke up! i dont see anything wrong with it x

I broke up with my boyfriend a couple weeks ago and now I'm really regretting it I really want to get back together with him but I'm not sure how to handle the situation What should I do?

if you really love him get back with him me and my boyfriend broke up then after a while we really started to realise how much your relationship ment i love him we got back together and have been together for 2 years bow with no trouble sometimes you need to lose someone special to you to realise how much you care, love and how much they mean to you hope this helps ..xx

What does it mean when your boyfriend has a dream that we broke up and he was trying to get back with me but i didnt want to and he kept insisting and begging to go back with me?

wait did you break up with him or not because if you did he just probably really likes you but if you didn't he's really weird

How do you get your boyfriend back after you broke up with him because he was pushing you away and then he wanted you back but you pushed him away?

You need to do both of yourselves a favor, and really decide if you want him back, or if you are just playing a silly little game.

How do you get the boyfriend you broke up with back?

tell them how you feel then give them want they want

How do you get a guy to fall in love with you after he broke up with you cause he moved a hundred miles away?

if the guy really liked you he wouldn't broke up with you even if he moved far away but you cant make a guy like you back move on

What do you do if you just recently broke up with your boyfriend and got back together with him and now he is acting weird and how do you get things back to where they used to be before you broke up?

If you want things to go back to normal, do what you would usually do with him on dates.... If he still acts weird, confront him about it. If he really likes you, he wouldn't care what you ask him..

Your bf broke up with you and now wants you back what do you do?

if you liked him go back to him he probably really liked you alot to go back to you and also he is putting himself out there and u could hurt him but he is willing to take the chance so he likes you alot but do you like him and before you do that u might want to ask him if he is using you i know cause my girl broke up wit me and i still dont know why any way just a suggestion

What should you so if you broke up with your boyfriend but didn't want to?

well it was your fault for breaking up with him, but if you recently broke up with him and he still likes you then I'm pretty sure you can get him back =] but next time you should think before you are about to do something rash like breaking up with your boyfriend when you don't really want to ;]

What if you broke up with your boyfriend and want to get back together should you ask him out if you know he still has feelings for you?

nothing. i was in the same situation except i was the guy. me and her got back together but it was really awkward because we spent time apart already so broke up not long after we got together

Should you break up with your boyfriend for an ex boyfriend?

In order for you to make a decision of whether to stay with your boyfriend or go back to your ex boyfriend make a list of the good and bad qualities of each young man and then put the list away for a week or two and then read it. You will know by looking at the list why you and your ex really broke up and who is the young man you should really be with.

How can you get your ex boyfriend back if he has a new girlfriend?

theres a reason you broke up. dont look back. look forward.

How do you get your ex boyfriend back when your in fifth grade?

first off all, if your in 5th grade & have a boyfriend there is prob something wrong with that.. & if he broke up with you he doesn't want you back. & if you broke up with him then he might still likke you but you gotta tell him how you feel before he movess on(:

You are 12 years old and your boyfriend broke up with you and you really love himWhat can you do to get him back?

If he broke up with you then he obviously isn't the one for you. You don't need him and you are too young to be upset about love! You can wait for the right one for you! Talk to him and wait! Your time will come!!!

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