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could be the onstart of your period your just late the pill most likely knocked you off track

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Q: You just came off the pill last month and you are 2 days late for your period for 3 days you have had this light cramping and sharp shooting pains in your overies but no blood what does this mean?
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You are at the end of your 6th of pregnancy and have a little bit of red bleeding is this normal?

My doctor has told me that a little blood is normal; a lot of blood (like the amount you have with your period) and/or severe cramping is not. If you have period blood and cramping, you should go to the hospital. Otherwise, you're probably okay, but you can ask your doctor about it to be sure.

What could be wrong if you are cramping but not bleeding?

It's not unheard of for period like cramping to occur as early as 7-14 days before your period. However the cramping may be caused by a UTI, approaching period or even Ovulation. If the cramping is severe enough to require pain killers & your period doesn't arrive on time, then see your Doctor for a pregnancy blood test & also have a urine test performed for a UTI.

What could be wrong if you finished your period a week ago and now you are spotting light red blood and your cramping?

You are pregnant.

Why do you get cramps at the end of your period?

Cramping is normal at any time during your period. The reason why you get cramps is because the uterus must contract to expel the blood. This occurs even at the end of your period.

How can you tell if you started your period if you thought you did but it was just the tiniest bit of blood?

If you are young, your periods could be irregular and light. Cramping usually accompanies a period, when you start, you will know it.

Brown discharge cramping?

It could mean you are pregnant or it can be a brought on period from stress. One time I had a brown discharge and was cramping. When I went to the doctor, it turned out that it was a period that was induced from my stressing to much about school and life in general. The doctor told me that my system was clearing out the access drying blood.

What stops your period during pregnancy?

during pregnancy hormones are released telling your body you are pregnant. Your body is smart enough to know that if you are pregnant you shouldn't be able to get pregnant with an additional fetus. You no longer release eggs from your overies. the blood from your period is the protective lining for the baby, So the blood will continue to build over the months. After giving birth you bleed all that blood. This is the only purpose for your period. when your body says"i'm not pregnant" you get your period, the blood isn't needed.

I have had cramping on my stomach and then I was bleeding So I thought that I got my first period but now on your pad there is brown not red Is it still blood?

yes its just spotting

Why do women get their periods?

Hiya, When women gets their period, its a sign that you are able to have babies. -A period is caused by a Egg releasing in your body, as the egg from your overies gets released ready for you to have a baby, but since you dont have sex, the egg isn't being used and gets flushed away -which causes your period [Blood] -Hope this helped.

Is a little blood in 8 weeks of pregnancy okay?

its ok as long as there is no cramping... if you have cramping go to the er immediately

Why do red blood cells prevent the muscles from cramping?

red blood cells are good

How do you know when you have a miscarriage?

Sometimes you have light blood in your discharge like me. For about 2 to 3 weeks I had streaks of red blood in my discharge some abdominal cramping. I was told it wasn't uncommon but at my 8 week follow up the heart stop beating. Once my body registered that the fetus was dead I started bleeding like a start of a period. Along with the blood there was cramping.

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