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Just the same as not putting enough chlorine in the pool. You can treat the water the same as you would have and increase the production of the salt system.

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Do pea pods grow above ground or under ground?

Above ground. If they grew underground, they (a) would not be green and (b) would not be peas. +++ The pod is the fruit, and the peas the seeds, of the pea plant.

What part of the plant does a green onion come from?

the root the root No the root is below the ground and the green onion is above the ground which is a young onion. it will eventually grow into a onion.

Why don't mushrooms not have any green leafs?

Because it is a vegetable that grows above the ground.

Do spinach grow underground?

Spinach is a green-leaf vegetable that grows above the ground.

What kind of fruits and veggies grows above the ground?

All fruit grows above ground, root vegetables grow underground. The most common vegetables to grow above ground are green leafed vegetables such as cabbage and lettuce and vine vegetables such as Runner Beans.

How do you get potatoes?

The potato its self grows under ground howver it does get darl green foilage with flowering buds above ground when the flowers die and the green foliage begins to die (usually mid fall) you dig the potatoes from the ground using a hoe

Stone exterior turned green?

If your stone turned green it probably has moss growing on it.

How is a pea?

Pea is a green vegetable that grows above ground on small plant in a green pod much like that of green beans. Semi sweet in taste. Very good and healthy.

Do lentils grow underground?

No, lentils grow above ground similar to the way green bush beans grow.

Does spinach grow underground?

No, they grow above the ground like any plant. Just the roots. The green part you eat grows above the ground, like a big weed... if you're lucky and the slugs don't get it first.

Do potatoes grow above ground or below ground?

The family of plants commonly known as the potato family are geophytes, ie they grow in the soil. The actual potato that we eat is a starch storage tuber that grows under ground. The roots of the plant are also found underground with green foliage above ground.

Just put new water in your 5500 gal above ground pool you put algaecide in it some stablelizer It turned dull green in 5 minutes what could have turned your nice clear new water green so quick?

By not ensuring your pH level was between 7.4 and 7.6, this affected the water's reaction to the other chemical additions. You MUST have your pH set before introducing other chemicals.

Is asparagus a root vegetable?

the minute that asparagus hit the air above ground they turn green, the white ones have to be dug out

Was coke orininally green?

yes because santa was green then when he was turned red coca cola turned red

How do you kill green algae in an above ground pool with a saltwater system?

Get an algaecide and follow the instructions. it makes no difference what sort of pool you have.

What is the electrical green wire for?

the green wire its ground so you have black withe an ground

How does coal get turned into green coal?

There is no such thing as green coal.

Do onion cells make their own food?

The main green part of the onion plant does. The rest is underground and has to get their food from those above ground.

Does a ginger plant have leaves?

Yes, the ginger plant does have the leaves. The ginger we eat remains in ground. It the shoot of the plant with scaley leaves on ginger. The green leaves of ginger are normal above the ground and ginger, after its formation, lies below the ground.

How do you remove green algae from an above ground pool if you are not able to vacuum?

brush the pool down, shock it, and run the pump and filter 24/7

How do you keep an above ground swimming pool from turning green?

Proper water chemistry instead of neglect. Long filter periods and a clean filter.

Can you kill green algae by filling an above ground pool with salt water?

No. Chlorine kills algae and oxidizes contaminants. Salt does not posses this property.

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