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i dont kno If you are leaking fluid get medical help IMMEDIATELY!!!!! your doctor will tell you if you are in labor and about to give birth if it's around your due date and if it's tooo early for you to have your baby they can try to stop labor and get you and the baby the medical help you need PLease get to the doctor ASAP Good Luck and God Bless!!!

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โˆ™ 2006-03-21 02:37:41
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Q: You just started leaking does that mean you are about to go into labor?
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Are you about to go into labor if you are leaking breast milk at 7 months pregnant and just went through false labor?

Many women start leaking colustrum during pregnancy, which is normal and does not mean you are going into labor.

Is my car damaged if it has white smoke?

if i remember correctly..white smoke should mean that your piston rings are leaking oil into the compression chamber...but it just depends on if you have it coming out of the exhaust or if it is just coming from under the that case you just have oil leaking on the exhaust. in the first case...its gonna mean a complete engine teardown and rebuild.

What does it mean if you feel the nut going inside of your body after you and your partner have sex?

You mean if you feel the semen leaking out? That's just gravity being gravity.

What does it mean when green fluid is leaking from your vehicle?

Antifreeze is green in color and is leaking from your radiator .

What does a transmission leak mean?

Work needs to be performed. Also depends where it is leaking from. If pan is leaking just drain transmission fluid and install new pan gasket and refill transmission with fluid. If front seal leaking then you will have to pull transmission and replace front seal.

What is wrong when pipes make sound as water is running?

It mean it's leaking or the water is just going down the pipe.

What does source of labor mean?

It mean a

What does it mean when your 1985 Mercedes-Benz 300D is leaking transmission fluid?

It probably means your transmission pan gasket is leaking. Often times, you can just go under there and tighten it up a bit and the leak will go away.

Your breasts are leaking milk what does that mean?

your pregnant

Why does breast milk dry up before baby is born?

Just because you have stopped leaking, doesn't mean your breasts are drying up.

If you are dilated and have a soft cervix does this mean you have started labor?

Not necessarily. You can start dialating early in pregnancy and still carry a baby to term. It can take weeks or even months to fully dialate once you have started.

What does it mean when coolant is leaking from the car?

If coolant is leaking from a car it means that your radiator has a hole in it. If this is not fixed the car will over heat.

What does it mean when antifreeze is leaking in a Chrysler Concorde?

If it is leaking inside the car, the heater core has failed.If it is leaking inside the car, the heater core has failed.

Does leaking breasts mean breast cancer?

Absolutely NO.

What do you mean by learning with out though is a labor lost?

"Learning without thought is a labor lost" means you are just wasting time memorizing unless you understand what you are learning.

How can you fix a leaking egr cooler on a 2009 vauxhall insignia?

I take it that you mean that it's leaking water and not exhaust gasses. If it's the body of the cooler pipe that's leaking, then you'll have to find a good stainless-steel welder to repair it, or get a replacement. But if it's just one of the pipes to it, then replace both pipes whilst you're at it.

Why 305 water pump leaking through bore?

By bore do you mean weep hole? If so, the seal is leaking. Replace the pump.

Why is a 1997 Dodge Dakota leaking from air conditioner system?

If you mean leaking water in the car then the drain is probably stopped up.

Why has your period been on for 4 months?

If you have not been on your period for 4 months than it can mean your pregant or if you just started sometimes it can be 4 months because your period is regular and just started.

How do you fix a leaking windscreen water bottle or hose?

I am going to presume you mean the windscreen washer. The best fix is to just replace either one that is leaking. The "bottle" is usually made of plastic and is pretty hard to repair with any certainty that it will not leak again.

What does white stuff leaking out of your vagina mean when you are pregnant?


What does it mean when a girl is leaking breast milk?

She is ready to have a baby.

What does it mean when your dog starts leaking milk?

your dog is pergent

What does leaking transmission fluid mean?

fluid is a lubricant of transmission

What does it mean when coolant in overflow tank is low and is leaking antifreeze from that side of the car?

The overflow tank is either cracked or its overheating and leaking from the cap