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he likes you but not enough to have a relationship with you just flirt with him as much as you and you may be giving him sum signs that you like him bak but just dont go over board :D trust me

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what happens when a boy stares into your eyes.does he like you or what.

Well. sometimes it can happen if he stares at you , and you look at him when he stares he might look away because he can be shy

he may like you or there something in your hair

FIRST, ITS KINA WIERD THAT HE JUST STARES AT EVERYBODY LIKE THAT. Secondly, if he smiles only at you, it means he probably likes you.

He might like you more than his girlfriend

well think is he definitely staring at you does he like you

He might like you or just think your weird.

he might like you or hes talking about you

He probably likes you too or knows that you like him and is trying to get a reaction out of you.

if he talks about as in compeliments and if he stares at you alot

He finds you fascinating... for whatever reason.

Socially inept adolescent males typically stare at girls when they lack confidence in their communication skills. Additionally, fear of rejection may trigger panic reflexes which prevent the boy from conversing with with the girl, resulting in awkward stares.--Orrrwhat happened to me is, that a boy kept staring at me. I already knew he liked me because he told my friend etc. You should ask one of your friends to ask the boy. =)hope I helpedwell what does it means when a boy says he loves you but he doens't shoes it?depends on the stare if he stares at you like hes daydreaming, then he likes you. if he stares at you like hes smirking, he may like you or just wants to annoy you. if he stares at you like hes annoyed he might not like you

He is probably just messing with you. Seeing if he can get a rise out of you.

Well if he stares at alot of other girls than he doesent like anyone particular but if he just stares at a couple gies like 3at the most than he only likes those girls

well its kinda obvious that if he stares at u and then bumps into u on purpose well than ya he kinda likes you

Girls butt right? It means they like what they see! :)

No. They are actually being rude and disrespectful. Ignore a boy who stares.

If the boy stares at you a lot, wants to make you laugh, and doesn't concentrate on anything but you, you know they like you!

I don't know if he likes you but he was probobly flirting with you:)