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Well yes she might have a crush on you and is trying to give you signs that she likes you! What I would do if I were you I would become friends with her and maybe you might just come more than friends!

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The correct spelling is "occasionally" (now and then).

He likes you or he is doing it for homework or a service, like the school yearbook. Chances are he likes you.

He pulled out his yearbook and drew a picture of her.

Sand and, ocassionaly grass

It means that he has a nickname for you. Whether this is a pet name or just a joking nickname, is up to what he means by it. It may or may not mean that he likes you, and a nickname is very vague, so the only way you can truly tell if he likes you is to ask him yourself.

counselling and medication. and ocassionaly hospitalisation

To me it simply means he likes you as well and is being friendly.

eaton likes little boys

because he likes to fligh jets

Type your answer here... Fanatic

If a girl is close enough to you or a friend of yours then it does not absolutely mean she likes you if she calls you by your nickname. Girls mainly do this to friends.

he probably really likes you a lot. or he could just be messing around as a joke

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