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you should talk to him.ask him about your feelings for each other.................tell him that he should forget about his ex--.....................


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Well if he knows the feelings and he is still staying with her , then it maybe suggests he dosent want to leave her. If he had feelings for you he would have probably told you , but maybe hes just to shy and scared his girlfriend will find out . Best thing to do is ask him if he likes you .

No you should not wait because if he had real feelings for you he would be with you, not "asking you out in due time"

If you still have feelings for her you to should get back together.

That means that he never really lost feelings about you when you broke up. You are his key to the lock in his heart.

HELLO!?! Do you know nothing? It's because she still likes you, or has feelings for you. Open your eyes. If you can't do that, then you don't deserve her.

If you have feelings for your ex, but are in a relationship, i suggest you break up with your current girlfriend/boyfriend, and see if your ex still has feelings....

if you do not know that your girlfriend loves you, you should try asking her if she love you or you should ask her if she likes someone else

ask her outor go out in secretor talk to the other boyfind the other boy a girlfriendjust go out if you dont like himTHREESOME ;) jokes :P

Talk to your boyfriend. If he likes her more than you, set him free to be with her. But if he still has eyes for you, ask him why he still likes his ex.

still likes you has feelings for you wants to be with you again

Because she still has feelings for them.

Tell her that you still have feelings for her and you know she does too. silently walk away. if she actually loves u she WILL come back. and that last answer was so mean.

have sex with your recent girlfriend and keep on until your ex is normal and that means every singl night ok.

You tell your girlfriend you are losing feelings for her by telling her you still care for her but you just do not feel the same way you used to.

maybe she still has feelings for you

To find this out you hang out with the girl to see if you still have feelings for her. That will give you your true feelings about her.

Either get a friend to ask him for you or sit down with him and be honest about your feelings toward him.

He still has feelings for her. He knows that she will always sleep with him.

It is very respectful that she is being honest with you and taking the time to sort out her feelings. All you can do is still be her friend but let her come to you as she needs time - don't be pushy or overbearing.

You should move on. If there is any dout about her feelings with her ex, then their will douts with you for sure. Until she gets over him, you should get over her.

You should just move on because at the end all he is going to do is hurt you.How though? He said that he might ask out in due time, but i get paranoid that he talks to other pretty girls in my year, and i feel i can be the same around him. He likes me a little, but doesnt want a girlfriend, should i wait for him or not?

You dont. Not while she is still with your cousin, anyway. Relationships like that are messy and i would recomend that you try and avoid drama in your family. But if you really want to be with her, you should wait for them to not be together anymore.

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